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“We – as a community of ET experiencers – have made great progress, especially in light of the fact that for over 70 years, we have received no help whatsoever from our governments and its representatives. Not even one iota of truth. Yet, we prevail. And don’t think this aspect of what we have endured will be lost on the advanced civilizations that are watching and interacting with us. They chose us – not our leaders.

Navigating the Mind Field

Are you reevaluating your view of reality and asking a lot of unusual questions such as: Why do I have all of these unusual memories? Why is there time in my day I cannot account for? What are these unusual bruises and body marks? Who can I possibly tell? What am I going to do?

Or, maybe you have had that sighting or encounter that shattered reality as you know it and it has left you with no other option but the Extraterrestrial option. Now what?

Keep A Journal

If you want to remember your ET encounters and you do only one thing to help yourself get through this, keep a journal. Think of your journal as a memory tool; your personal Mind-App. A journal can serve as your silent and therefore most trusted companion. Keeping a journal will help you release a lot of the memories and the pent-up emotions relating to your unusual experiences and recurring dreams. You will find that you’ll end up documenting specific details about your encounter experiences that you would not have remembered over the course of time if you did not keep a journal. It is almost a guarantee that if you are diligent in writing down your dreams and memories of events, that after just six months, you will begin to see that your journal contains memories that your conscious mind no longer holds. The information will still be in your subconscious, but you probably won’t be able to access it as readily as you will from your written journal.

Write in your journal immediately after an encounter or unusual dream occurs or immediately after a memory surfaces. Experiencers say they find it helpful to keep their journal next to their bed or in their kitchen where they can locate it immediately after an encounter has occurred. If you want to remember, it cannot be over-emphasized how important it is to write down everything, even if, at the time, it does not make sense to you. In time, and upon further reflection, the meaning of what you remembered will become clearer. Time is an important factor because as your experiences progress and you are more able to accept what is occurring in your life, you will be able to put the pieces of your own puzzle together.

A Creative Outlet

For some people, it is not only important to write down what they remember after each encounter or recurring dream, but it also helps to recreate what is remembered. Consider illustrating what you remember, even if it’s just a simple sketch. People find that in many ways, it is relaxing for them. They experience both a sense of relief and closure when they are able to get the image out of their mind and onto a sheet of paper. That is how many of the illustrations on this site were created: while they were fresh in the mind – vividly recalled and sketched out immediately after the encounter.

Even if you don’t think you have artistic abilities, you should try to illustrate, paint, sketch or sculpt what you remember. You will probably be surprised with your results. If you illustrate your memories while they are still fresh in your mind, you will remember many more details than you ever thought possible.

Regressive Hypnosis

The decision to undergo hypnosis should not be taken lightly. It is neither wise nor recommended to look in the yellow pages, on or off-line, for a hypnotherapist who will regress you for the purposes of uncovering possible memories of ET contact. There are several things you will want to consider.

Hypnosis is often described as a state of relaxation during which you retain a certain amount of control. However, what the hypnotist or therapist says to you and how they say it can have long-lasting effects on you. People can be led to answer questions in a particular manner while under hypnosis. Because of this, you will want to make certain that the person you choose to hypnotize you has been through (1) training specifically for hypnosis and (2) is knowledgeable about the ET contact phenomenon. You should also try to speak with other people who have worked with the hypnotist you are considering prior to seeing them. It is highly recommended that you keep a journal for a substantial amount of time before undergoing hypnosis.

Support System

Another thing you will want to seriously think about is your support system. You should ask yourself the following questions: Will I have someone I can talk to about my memories? Do I have a friend or a spouse who will support me while I pursue this type of investigation? If you are experiencing family problems or difficulties at work, the last thing you need to deal with are a flood of memories about extraterrestrials who have abducted or contacted you, so take things slowly. Write in your journal and reflect on it when you need to, but don’t obsess about it. If there is something you don’t understand, write it down, let it go for a time, and then come back to it.

Another thing to consider is your answer to the question: Am I having enough memories and serious enough problems with my memories to warrant undergoing hypnosis? As the saying goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” You should not undergo hypnosis simply because you are curious about being an ET Experiencer. If you are not having problems or disturbing memories, or even happy ET memories, then it’s probably wise that you not undergo hypnosis.

Finally, when exploring lost or partial memories involving alien abduction / ET contact, you should remember that hypnosis is not a “cure.” You will no doubt have many questions after hypnosis, the first of which will be, “Was it real?” And, no one can answer this question except you.

Be certain to obtain a professional referral before undergoing regressive hypnosis. Treat the health of your mind the same way – or better – than you would treat the health of your body.

“Reality” Bites

Having given opinions and recommendations concerning hypnosis, you should know that the scientific and medical communities are still closed-minded when it comes to considering the reality of the “alien abduction” or ET contact phenomenon. The most popular explanations for memories of alien abduction are False Memory Syndrome, Sleep Paralysis, Fantasy Prone Personality and the big one: “Oh, you’ve undergone hypnosis; therefore nothing you remember is [or was] real.” This is the latest war cry of the pseudo-skeptics / debunkers. Anyone who has undergone hypnosis – for “anything” – is now erroneously debunked and discarded based solely on that criterion.

It is important to understand how limited and inaccurate the above “syndromes” are when used to describe and “diagnose” what an alien abductee or ET contact experiencer actually endures throughout their lifetime. The closest diagnosis that meets the symptomatology resulting from “alien abduction” is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. And, our culture is also rejecting those with PTSD due to the violent behaviors of some of our soldiers who have returned from our recent wars. Contact experiencers are no more or less violent than anyone else in society, and from what we’ve personally seen, they appear to be non-violent and much more open minded. Remember, PTSD is treatable. It is something a person can adapt to and move past, and once controlled or conquered, they can continue to live a productive life.

Networking with Others

Most Internet “chat rooms,” message boards, as well as Facebook, are little more than rumor/attack mills and places where intelligence ops hang out to data mine information. No matter how “positive,” “supportive,” “enlightened” or “safe” they claim to be, you will be much better off staying away from them.

Sometimes Experiencers reach a point where they take the initiative to help others who are beginning to remember. Oftentimes they start by meeting individually with one another or will host small support groups. If you feel the need to move in this direction we advise you to move slowly and cautiously.

Find a community in which bona-fide researchers are working with organized groups already meeting in your area. Do your homework. Network with them, if they check out. Meet in public and never, ever meet with anyone alone.

Stages Experiencers Go Through

There are many important decisions you will have to make during an investigation of your personal abduction experiences. There are also different stages you will go through: The initial shock when you realize that abductions are a part of your life, what the late Dr. John Mack described as “ontological shock,” and the working through and assimilation of new and sometimes painful memories.

Oftentimes, the next stage will be fear, followed by anger because abductions normally continue. Sadly, many people get caught up in this stage and will spend years viewing themselves as victims. If you find yourself in a support group viewing yourself as a victim year after year, then you are obviously not getting the information and help you require to move forward. Support groups should be temporary and supportive, and not for enabling addictive, victim-dependency based behaviors and relationships.

Although we have learned much since the young Brazilian farmer named Antônio Vilas-Boas and an American couple named Betty and Barney Hill reported the first modern-day alien abductions, most of these Beings continue to operate in secret and use an array of deceptive techniques when interacting with us. Some continue to make it as difficult as possible for us to determine exactly what they want from us and where this is all leading. Some believe this is done to protect us – others believe the Beings are self-serving and deceptive.

We – as a community of ET experiencers – have made great progress, especially in light of the fact that for over 70 years, we have received no help whatsoever from our governments and its representatives. Not even one iota of truth. Yet, we prevail. And don’t think this aspect of what we have endured will be lost on the advanced civilizations that are watching and interacting with us. They chose us – not our leaders.

We must continue moving forward and gaining knowledge about why these Beings are here and what they are doing. We are going to have to remain vigilant and be patient and honest with ourselves and with one another – and continue contributing our own unique pieces to this vast puzzle.

A General Overview of the Diagnostic Criteria for PTSD follow

This is the Diagnostic criteria for PTSD as described by the American Psychiatric Association in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders follows. Read the fifth ed. here. Indented paragraphs are taken from real life experiencers who have shared their feelings associated with their encounters.

Symptomatology of PTSD

“In Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, the stressor is uncommon. This means it is outside the realm of typical human experience and it is psychologically traumatic.”

For alien abductees/ET experiencers, the stressor or stressors are certainly associated with events that are uncommon. Even the most benign encounter with an alien Being can be considered uncommon and psychologically traumatic and causes “ontological shock.”

“The traumatic event is persistently re-experienced: the individual may have intrusive, recurring thoughts or distressing dreams.”

An example of something that many ET experiencers report is having recurring dreams about having to save their children or pets from being taken by the aliens. Many experiences fear having to go to the doctor or dentist and also fear having to take their children to healthcare professionals.

“The individual persistently avoids stimuli associated with the trauma. For example, he or she tries to avoid activities related to the incident or blocks out the memory of certain aspects of the experience.”

Imagine driving miles out of your way everyday because you are terrified of a specific stretch of road or cannot drive across bridges because somewhere at some time, something terrible occurred there.

“The individual may experience persistent symptoms of increased arousal. For example, staying awake at night or having difficulty concentrating.”

Alien abductees and ET experiencers will often wake up at the same time each night for an unknown reason. The time most often reported is near or close to 3:00 a.m. Staying awake at night has been described by abductees as a way to “postpone the inevitable.” They sense they are going to be taken and it seems to be the only way they can fight back. However, they are quick to add that eventually the ETs win because the human body requires sleep at some time.

On the other hand, there have been many instances of ET contact that occurred during daylight hours. Nighttime is not the only time people are abducted. Many people who, no matter how tired they are during the day, will not dare allow themselves to take a nap for fear of something happening.

“The individual experiences the symptoms for at least one month.”

What we have learned about abductions and ET contact is that these encounters normally continue to occur throughout the lifetime of the individual. The feelings, memories and/or symptoms do not go away because the experiencer is not, at present, on board a craft and in the presence of alien Beings.

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