Scientists have built world’s first ‘time machine’

Mar 13, 2019


Russian Scientists built the first Quantum Time Machine (Video)

H.G. Wells is by far one of the most famous SF authors of all time and for good reason too. It is said that he was the first man to have ever written a novel based on the concept of time traveling. In his book, he brought up the Time Machine, the device that works based on light rays, that can bend time and space itself.

Albert Einstein, Brian Green, and Stephen Hawking were all considered amongst the greatest scientists to have ever lived on this planet and they all stated that the concept of time traveling technology will be available to us in the near future.

But they’re not alone on this as a new team made up of Russian scientists alongside their American and Swiss colleagues managed to construct the first quantum-based time-traveling machine which essentially allowed them to surpass the limits we had prior and go back in time.

The time machine isn’t powerful enough to send someone in time as of yet and we’ll need a long time to perfect it but this is but the first step in traveling through time at will.

The test essentially had the balls from a billiard game being arranged in a triangle. One of the scientists hit the balls which had them all scatter randomly on the table.

Then, they activated the machine which reversed the process and had the balls come back to their original state. They literally reversed time itself.


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