Retired Israeli general alleges hidden aliens among us

“We’re not ready” Retired Israeli general alleges hidden aliens among us.
This isn’t no ordinary person, in fact this person was in the position of “the gatekeeper of space secrets” and that’s no joke! That’s the crucial piece of information. This is Haim Eshed, the former head of the Israeli space security program and retired general! In otherword’s guy’s, this isn’t the CIA, FBI or NASA or any other usual suspects when it comes to supposedly top secret Insider information.
Israel’s former head of space security program retired General Haim Eshed.
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Israel’s former head of space security program retired General Haim Eshed.
When this guy spoke let’s say about counter satellite surveillance, people listened! When this guy gave forecasts about anything related to the iron dome or something else related to missiles, secret stealth or technology which is 50 years ahead, everybody took notice! There was nothing that this guy didn’t know about related to future space travel, how humans will travel in space and what is going on in space and that’s because he was the head of an ally nations space defense, offense, surveillance, colonizing Mars with the US, worked with NASA and guy’s all that is just run of the mill work place basics for the position that goes guy held for a very long time.
We are not about to start doubting his credentials just because he’s talking about stuff that isn’t really socially acceptable “yet”. Alien’s, well that’s his office, space is his office so let’s see where this goes right? He deserves the benefit of the doubt, because it’s his job to know if this stuff exists, don’t blame him, it’s his job to know if Extraterrestrials exist. So, we’ve got out the way if he’s insane, he’s not. It was his job’s description to know and talk about this stuff.
Below, I recently did a post about 7 entrances discovered on Mars and only after just remembering that I wrote that post, it’s all starting to come together like it was a jigsaw.
This is an image from the 7 Mars entrances discovered on Mars post link just below.
Credit: Dahboo77 YouTube/Google Earth/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO News/Canva.
Well, here’s a statement from the man himself, remember to give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s an General in the Israeli armed forces. He’s blooming earned everyone’s respect regardless of your opinions on the military, Israel or anything else related to this “complicated history still playing out today”.
Also, politics aside, we’re here for the Alien base on Mars and the collective between humans and Alien respectively. There’s no question that if you’ve got any doubts about Aliens existing, you might as well go make a cuppa now!

To date, humanity is not ready to accept the truth that space aliens have long been in contact with the US government and with the help of humans, they are trying to understand “the fabric of the universe“.

Retired General Haim Eshed, former head of Israeli space security program.

He said that: the aliens have been waiting for humans to evolve and reach a certain stage to actually understand space and spaceships. Besides, they signed a contract with humans to do experiments on Earth and also research with them to learn the fabric of the universe.
He also claimed that the representatives of aliens and some American astronauts are working together in an underground base on Mars.
This totally makes sense now because of all the Alien Artifacts found on Mars like (this is no joke) skulls, bones, spoons, skeletons and a Flying Disk plus shoes a soldier stalking the Rover, people, train wheels, levitating balls, guns, crabs and many, many more thing’s which quite frankly none of this should be there! We shouldn’t be having anything remotely looking familiar, let alone one Artifact after another and they just keep on coming. People keep finding new stuff almost on a daily basis so yes, no wonder there’s people who believe that there’s a base on Mars and I’m one of them? Seriously, there’s that much stuff on Mars (hundreds and hundreds of real tangible evidence) that just mentioning it all would take so long to mention it all.
It’s a really hard thing to dispute when the guy whose claiming all this has been the head of Israeli security space program from 1981 to 2010 “that’s over 30 year’s” and he’s been awarded the Israel Defense Prize also known as the Israel Defense Award not just bonce but three times for his contribution to technological inventions. So he’s actually inventing thing’s as well. We are not dealing with a bag of hot air here guy’s, this isn’t just some retired general looking for another adventure. He’s an educated, intelligent and contributing member of the space defense program and inadvertently he was contributing for humanity.

The Israel Defense Prize (Hebrew: פרס בטחון ישראל‬), also known as the Israel Defense Award is an award presented annually by the President of Israel to people and organizations who made significant contributions to the defense of the State of Israel.




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