Researchers Are Trying to Clone Jesus Christ from DNA

 February 6, 2021
Yes, you’ve read that correctly, a team of experts is currently working towards managing to actually clone Jesus Christ altogether. This is not a joke, as this billionaire-funded Christian organization is said to have its eyes on the prize here, believing that if everything will go according to plan, they will eventually be able to get themselves a clone of Jesus soon enough.
This whole operation is known as the “Jesus Has Returned Project”, as they are said to be able to bring forth the second coming of Christ, as was prophesied in the Bible altogether. This is not all done through prayer alone, as the experts have already discovered traces of DNA on the Shroud of Turin which may lead to a clone of the Man himself.
The experts believe that by using the most recent techniques from the Genetic Research Group from Switzerland, they should be able to take the cells from the Shroud of Turin and place them inside of a human egg which will in turn be implemented into a new virgin woman. This is all done through a process known as symbiotic cellular transfer which has already proven to be a success on lab rats. Hopefully this will actually be a success, although there are some doubts about whether or not that really is the DNA of Jesus over there after all. We wouldn’t want to bring back some random person from that year, that’s a fact. 17910
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1 thought on “Researchers Are Trying to Clone Jesus Christ from DNA”

  1. Hi! The idea of cloning Jesus has already happen well not exactly today but after Jesus execution the Elohim cloned him and brought him back to life on the planet of the eternals where all the prophets of the world’s major religions reside.When our beloved prophet Rael dies being the last prophet the Elohim sent to Earth.He will take his rightful place on the same planet as Jesus.Thank you for posting the article above that shows human cloning in a positive light showing the path to immortality! May the force of unconditional love be with all the readers who come to this site and you Nancy goodbye signed a Raelian named,Richard!


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