Reptilians Allegedly at War with Humanity



The ancient battle between man and dragon has been recorded in the records of just about every past civilization in history. I believe that this conflict between these two races known to me as the Reptilian/Human Conflict is at the heart of why we are on this planet and reason for earth’s existence in the first place. Furthermore I believe this conflict is the basis of the universal game for soul evolution known as The Polarity Integration Game (the game of integrating Light and Dark polarities). Now some of you have felt resistance with the use of the word “game” because you believe that games are only for fun. Let me reiterate the concept that we learn best through games or role-playing. As above, so below.

For me, the events of September 11, 2001 brought this conflict back into focus with a jolt and motivated me to finish this article, having put it aside for several weeks since starting it.

The events of that day sent a message to me. It was a big blow to those of us working to help this planet ascend. And the pain from the wound will take great effort to heal.

Jonathan and I were on our way to do a bit of shopping recently. As we drove down the freeway to our destination, he said, “You know people who don’t know the truth will heal from this trauma, but those of us who do won’t heal because we know too much. Can we ever heal?” As he spoke I felt the pain in his voice and the sadness that comes from such a wounding.

His questions really made me think. Then he went on to say; “Now I know why we have chosen not to remember more of our multidimensional past than we do. Look how hard it is for us right now, in the face of this latest tragedy. What would it be like if we remembered all the tragedies of this type from our collective past? I don’t think I could bear it.” I had to agree with him.

Even though it has been over a month since the attacks, I am still working to heal from the effects of this trauma. There are days when I still feel the despair, and the need to cry for no apparent reason. There are nights when I lay awake thinking about the future and wondering if we will ever make it out this time. I have to catch myself and remember that it is all just a grand game that we as creator gods/goddesses are playing for our own evolution and therefore no one is to blame. Then I remember the character Neo in the movie The Matrix and how he learned to see the bullets weren’t real and once he did, they could no longer harm him. On those nights, I thank the powers that be for that movie because it gives me hope. But sometimes I still just want to crawl in a hole and never come out. These are all the symptoms of trauma-based mind control and that, I believe, is what we have been experiencing on a mass level as a result of the US Attacks.

What does this recent traumatic event have to do with the Reptilian/Human conflict you may ask? It is the latest move by the Reptilians in the ongoing conflict between these two species. And, on a higher level, this event was the next step in the drama called Polarity Integration, the multidimensional game of soul evolution. I know that statement was a lot to wrap one’s brain around so allow me to explain with a bit of history.

Please keep in mind that what I am about to share is from my own galactic memories and therefore, may be a little filtered. I encourage you to use your own discernment as well as tap into your own galactic memories. You will find them in the Akashic Records. They are also accessible through the Galactic Federation’s Hall of Records, which can be accessed the same way as the Akashic Records.

It is my understanding that the Reptilian/Human Conflict began in the Vega star system of the Lyran constellation. It was in the Vega system that Humans originated on a planet I remember as Avyon. From the beginning Humans were allowed to evolve free of outside influences. They were given a creation myth that stated that they could colonize any planet in the universe but if they found other life there, they were to strive to live in harmony with those lifeforms.

As the Humans reached warp drive capability and began to move out beyond their home world, they carried their creation myth etched in their hearts and strove to honor it as a sacred commitment between them and Prime Creator. The Humans were taught and lived the Law of One. Prime Creator was simply a focal point for their belief that we are all connected by the river of energy that flows through everything. They were taught by their parent race (the Felines, now long gone from their world) that everything is energy.

Felines were a well-known species in our and other universes having evolved many eons before. The Humans were their greatest genetic achievement combining the best traits of all lifeforms the Felines had encountered in their many eons of existence. Just like we create new races of plant life through genetic engineering (we are actually creating new Humans forms as well but I won’t go there right now), most, if not all, sentient races eventually produce new races as well. I know this may sound a bit Star Treky to you, but perhaps it is time you understood why we were given films like Star Trek. I believe them to be the closest representation of our history and universe that we have so far. I believe that they were created to help us remember who we are, and our cosmic history.

I believe that Gene Rodenberry and other writers of galactic information are simply tapping into the akashic records of our universe and pulling them through, thinking that these images are just their imagination. But, like my friend and fellow teacher, Nancy Joy Hefron explains, the images have to come from somewhere and since there is nothing new in the universe they must already exist. I have come to understand that the imagination is the software operating system (much like Windows but only better) in the Human vehicle through which we are able to access the Akashic and other cosmic records. No wonder we’ve been taught not to be over imaginative! The psychic glands are the software programs that use the operating system to coalesce information in a form we can understand. Once I understood this higher dimensional concept, thanks to my guides, Nancy’s theory made sense to me. Let’s continue.

Now just after the time the Humans reached warp capability another species came calling. It was of a Reptilian nature. This group differed in just about every way. Not only were they different physically, the Reptilians’ emotional and mental make up differed too. Where the Humans were emotional the Reptilians were mental. The Reptilians are a powerful, hardy species with a beauty all their own. I’ve gained a healthy respect for them.

The Reptilians were given a creation myth that was the direct opposite of the one given to the Humans. Their myth stated that they had ownership of the universe by divine right, and therefore, anytime they colonized a new planet, they could destroy any other lifeforms they found. So we have two races, very opposite in nature with opposing creation myths colonizing the galaxies. What a perfect setup for The Polarity Integration Game.

Fortunately, the first Reptilians who discovered the Humans’ home world were of a more evolved nature meaning that they were not as aggressive as some of their species.

The Reptilians, hailed from the constellation of Orion with their leaders from Alpha Draconi. Those who landed on the Humans’ planet were from many different planets coalesced into one group. This party of Reptilians was not of a military nature; instead they were explorers and scientists out on an expedition to find new planets fit for colonization. As a result, they were elated to find another sentient species with a unique form such as they had not seen before. They reacted in much the same way we Humans would, and will, when we discover life on another planet.

The Humans welcomed them as a new form of gods, different from the gods the Felines, their parent race (it is common for races to worship their parent race as gods once the parent race has left the planet, much like we worship our parents as gods when we are children.) The Felines had told them long ago that there were other races in the universe and that one day those races would come calling, ushering this planet and its newborn species into a new world and consciousness. The Humans believed the Reptilians were the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Since these Reptilians were peaceful, they made friends with the Humans and began introducing them to more advanced technology, enabling them to perfect their new warp drive capabilities. On a soul level, the Humans were now ready for this technological jump, it being their next evolutionary step. Remember the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”? So it was with the Humans, they were ready to move out into the cosmos.

Many years passed with more Reptilians coming to this planet and forming colonies. The Humans and Reptilians got along for the most part. The Humans made great evolutionary and technological leaps during this time with the help of the Reptilians, a race more evolved than they. The Reptilians made evolutionary leaps as well, but theirs were more of an emotional nature. In their less evolved state the Reptilians lacked the sensitive emotional body of the Humans, but through interbreeding with the Humans they were able to attain this missing piece of themselves in less time than it took for them to develop it on their own. So everyone benefited…for a while.

Author’s note: I notice that as I write this down, tapping into these memories of the past, my heart once again fills with bitter sweet pain. I remember the time of innocence; the time before and just after the Reptilians came. I also remember the time after innocence was lost. I can hardly bear feeling the overwhelming sadness and despair. Perhaps you remember it if, like me, you were there too. Let’s continue.

As the Humans became sharper and more astute under the tutelage of the Reptilians, they grew in power. Their royal line, the platinum blond and blue-eyed peoples began to wish for autonomy from their teachers. They began to withdraw total support for their Reptilian neighbors, feeling the need to return the planet to their own rulership. The Reptilians had moved into many of the power positions in their government through marriage and interbreeding.

In addition, during this time, a series of struggles broke out between the Reptilians who had colonized Avyon and their ruling councils back home. The colonists (sounds like America and Britain, huh?) had gone against the “Prime Directive” (their creation myth) of their species by not destroying the Humans and instead had cooperated. It seems to me, looking back, that the colonizing Reptilians were of a rebellious nature. I believe they had fled their home worlds under the guise of scientific exploration in order to find a new home. Of course, that’s just my perspective.

But, eventually their government found them and took action. Much to their chagrin, the Reptilian council members who came to Avyon found that launching an all out war against the Humans and their Reptilian friends would not work. The Humans were too well armed. So they took the covert route and infiltrated the population and government and disseminated the virus called racism. The result was neighbor against neighbor. Humans began to hate the Reptilians. Families were torn apart by racism. For those born of mixed parentage, it is a very difficult time.

In the royal families, marital alliances between the two species were strained to the breaking point. The Orion Reptilians had infiltrated these families too, bringing much pain and destruction.

This is getting kind of long winded so I will skip much of the detail and get to the end of the story.

It was over a miscommunication between members of the ruling families that a war broke out. The Humans launched the first attack and the result of this war was the destruction of the Human’s homeworld.

The pain of this destruction and the wound it created has been handed down through all dimensions as the trauma that forms the basis of The Polarity Integration Game. We of earth carry on that drama. As creator gods and goddesses we have created a planet upon which we can reenact it with the goal of healing the wound. Our two species have carried the memory of that destruction in our collective racial consciousness and our DNA.

Except for a few changes this same drama is being reenacted on our planet. The Reptilians have infiltrated our society and government, seeking out and cross-breeding with those of the purest Human DNA strain, the blond/red-haired and blue-eyed Humans. This time they work from another dimension, controlling those of their lineage in our world through possession and/or full incarnation.

Through their superior technology and knowledge of universal laws, they have created an electromagnetic frequency field in which they have imprisoned us. For the most part, we have remained unaware.

The Reptilians, playing the role of our unseen oppressors know that the Humans they are attempting to enslave are actually more powerful than they because the Humans have something they don’t have—a fully developed emotional body. Why is this so important? Well, when you have a fully developed emotional body you have built into your DNA the most powerful tool in creation. That tool is called compassion. Compassion is the highest frequency in creation and with it you can create new realities or change existing ones!

Back to the Human body, when you have a fully developed emotional body you have the ability to transmute low energy emotions such as hate, anger, bitterness and shame into compassion. This process is done in the high heart or thymus. Within the emotional body, the thymus/high heart acts much like a wood burning stove. It takes in energies of lower frequency and transmutes them into a higher frequency from. Much the same way that a wood-burning stove acts as a receptacle in which the wood is turned into fire. Read the Formula of Compassion Overview for more on this.

Compassion is the one emotion and frequency that can change our DNA. Read Greg Braden’s book, Awakening to Zero Point for more a scientific explanation of frequencies and compassion. This means that lower vibrating frequency must rise to the level of this frequency. If you can achieve compassion, you can create a magnetic field of compassion. If you can create a magnetic field of compassion you can create a grid from that field of any size you desire. To create one big enough to encompass a planet all you need is enough people (the magical 144, 000?) fueling that grid to expand it exponentially to the size you need.

Once you create a planetary grid of compassion and continue to fuel it, you can eventually dissolve any slower vibrating frequency field or grid. This means that we can dissolve the frequency field or fence the Reptilians have us in thus breaking their hold on us and regaining our freedom. From the perspective of The Polarity Integration Game, when the imprisoned souls free themselves from the prison through compassion, the game is over.


How do we end the conflict?

To end the Reptilian/Human conflict we must play the game differently than we have in the past. Those who have read my book, We are the Nibiruans, and/or read the Polarity Integration Game page on our website will remember that this is our third attempt to integrate the Light and Dark on a grand scale, hence earth being called The 3rd Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration. If we can keep our wits about us and draw from our collective past memories, we will see that fighting the Dark on its own level is not going to help us and will, in fact, guarantee our failure. The way to end the game is through using the one weapon they do not have–compassion.

When we can, as a nation, as a race, realize that all manifestations of the Dark, are simply external forms of our own inner darkness, we will stop fighting and integrate them. When we remember that we are all one, Reptilian and Human, man and woman, we will open our hearts to embrace our dark side becoming whole once more. With tears of joy we will dance the dance of integration like impassioned lovers and with our compassion create a world of harmony, bringing this game to an end.

In service,

Jelaila Starr, 9D Nibiruans


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Nancy Thames


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    • Proof? Are you an astronaut affiliated with the secret space program? Do you have access to a telescope that is capable of visually resolving fine surface features (12 inch x 12 inch pixel resolution) on the moon?

      Unless you have been to Mars, Human technology does not exist that can **REMOTELY** visually resolve fine surface features on Mars from Earth. So part of your story can not be true.

      If you are or were an active member astronaut associated with US Space Force, the information you claim you hold would be at least ITAR controlled, otherwise TOP SECRET, you would be prohibited from publically disclosing any element of the attendent knowledge. So what part of your story is true?

      Reptilian survivor


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