Refugees to Earth from Lyra

May 14, 2017

HOW LYRANS, DRACOS, PLEIADIANS, MARTIANS, VENUSIANS, AGARTHANS & NIBIRAN ANUNNAKI CAME TO EARTH Click arrow and see SLIDE SHOW Excerpt from “MARDUK: ANUNNAKI KING OF EARTH” By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio In Blue Blood, True Blood, Stewart Swerdlow writes that some four billion years ago the Humans of the Lyran System (except Plieadian Atlans) fled then created the Galactic Federation of 110 scattered planets to fight Reptilians from the Draco System. The androgynous Draco Reptilians energize themselves with human flesh and fear hormones. Survivors of the initial Draco attacks rocketed to Mars and a (now extinct) planet called Maldek in the Solaris System and “to Orion, Tau Ceti, Pleiades, Procyon, Antares, Alpha Centauri, Aquarius and dozens of other solar systems.” One group of Lyran refugees to the Pleiades, the Atlans, refused to join the Federation and fight the Dracos. Atlans wanted, instead of a federation of refugees, to restore the ancient civilization in Lyrans enjoyed before the Dracos invaded. Atlans, like most Lyrans, were blue-eyed and blond or green-eyed and red-haired. Dracos lived within and controlled a hollowed-out, planet-sized comet with a rock core. They guided to kill the Lyrans who fled to Maldek and Mars. “Gravity on Maldek was denser than Mars” so Maldekians “developed a thicker frame and a more aggressive attitude.” The Maldekians threatened the Martians. The Martians got a defense shield machine from the beings of Khoom a planet of Sirius A to defend themselves against the Maldekians and the Draco comet heading for our sun. The Draco’s within intended for the comet to end up as Venus, between Mercury and Earth. From Venus they’d control the whole Solaris System. Maldekians tracked the Draco comet heading for them and Mars and convinced the Martians to let them, albeit reluctantly, join them underground on Mars where they secured themselves and the shield device the Khooms gave them. Dracos who rode inside the comet shattered Maldek with a weapon or the comet’s gravitational force. Maldek’s fragments now make up the Kuiper Belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. After the comet killed Maldek it neared Mars. The comet’s gravity pulled most oxygen, surface ice and water off Mars and into space. Under the Martian surface Maldekian refugees and Martians quarreled. As the comet continued toward the sun, it neared Earth. Earth, then entirely ice- and ocean-covered; its only intelligent lifeforms were non-technological and aquatic. The comet’s gravity melted enough of Earth’s ice and drew off enough of its water-cover to raise two continents–Lemura (Mu) centered on what would become the Pacific Basin and Atlantis, centered on what would become the Atlantic Ocean Basin. The Draco comet moved on past the Earth toward the Sun and settled into an orbit between Earth and Mercury. The sun vaporized the comet’s ice into a cloudy cover for the ex-comet, which now orbited as the planet Venus. The Reptilians within Venus surfaced and built seven domed cities on the Venutian surface from which to launch their conquest of the Solar System and annihilation of its Lyran Refugees.

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