Recording Surfaces Re Hickson and Parker Alien Abduction

Recording Surfaces Re Hickson and Parker Alien Abduction

‘They didn’t make it up.’ Interview recording
surfaces in Mississippi alien abduction case. ‘He was genuinely scared. He was telling Charlie, ‘Don’t talk to the deputies. They’ll come back and get us.’ They didn’t make it up. I can guarantee that.’

     It’s been 47 years since Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office claiming they were abducted by aliens. Recently, a recording, said to be made that night of what they told Sheriff Fred Diamond and Capt. Glenn Ryder, has surfaced.By Brian Broom
Mississippi Clarion Ledger

I Honestly don’t think these guys made up a story about being abducted by aliens. Especially during a time like 1973. People need to wake up and understand that this has happened to many people.

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