Real life UFO sightings. Is there a cover-up? Close encounters you have to hear

Aug 30, 2020

Real events that happened to real people Chilling True Tales brings you real UFO sightings and close encounters from everyday people. What happens when we are visited from other worlds? And what part do we play in the galactic game? These are some close encounters you have to hear to believe with real UFO stories of seemingly conscious lights in the sky Note: These true UFO stories will haunt you. They are all real life UFO sightings and scary stories about close encounters and paranormal activity where we could have been visited from other worlds but they are unsolved and unexplained. What makes these spooky stories even more terrifying is that they are 100% real and told to me by people who have experienced them. People’s names have been changed to protect identities but the locations and dates are correct. Thanks for joining me at SOS Paranormal for our Chilling True Tales series.

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