Ovnis (bajan y suben) Unidentified Flying Object

Jan 14, 2021

At just after 7 am on the morning of 13th January in Alejandria in Mexico, several UFOs were witnessed and filmed in the skies overhead.

The witnesses to the incident would claim that these strange objects “appeared out of nowhere” and at first were just three lights. However, as they came closer, they very much appeared to have a solidness to them. They would elaborate on how their “glow is fascinating”. The witnesses were in the highlands of the area when they filmed the strange crafts.

The sighting is interesting not only because it appears authentic, but Mexico is home to many UFO sightings month after month. Some researchers even suggest that the several mountains and volcanoes in the area are home to extraterrestrial bases which results in the increased sightings in this part of the world.

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