Orlando Jorge Ferraudi Taken To A “Giant Underwater Dome!”

Although there is a discrepancy on the dates of the incident (with some sources stating 1956 while others quote 1965), the alien abduction encounter of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi is one of the most intriguing on record.

According to Ferraudi, he was approached by a 7-foot humanoid figure in a shiny “tight-fitting overall” while night-fishing on a beach in Argentina. He was then taken on board a disc-shaped craft and flown under the surface of the water. He would eventually be taken under the Gulf of Mexico and to a “giant underwater dome”. Ferraudi would further state that this underwater facility looked like a “giant igloo”. It was, his hosts informed him, a “base to recondition our ships”.

They would also inform him that genetic experiments had been taking place with humans in such facilities for thousands of years. What’s more, the Earth was seen as a “zoo-like planet” to other alien races throughout the universe. Even more bizarre, all life on Earth was, in some way, part of these genetic experiments, and all had their origins on other worlds

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