Organ Regenerator -The Bio-Organic Machine



Dear sisters and brothers of planet earth, we have some fantastic news for you!
We are ready with our spaceships. We are excited about landing on your planet! We cannot predict a date but we want you to know that we are positioned and ready for it.

We are prepared to share our technologies that will help you evolve. Our first mission is to improve human health on earth with advanced technologies. Our goal is to make you healthier and happier.

The economy is strained on earth by an aging population because people’s productivity declines as they age and their reliance on the healthcare system increases. Nobody is to blame, but growing older raises the risk of developing major diseases that diminish the quality of life and are costly to treat.

So, what will our advanced technology do for older citizens? He or she will be 20 again in a matter of minutes!

This age reversal is accomplished by reprogramming the chemical markers that build up on DNA as cells age. Our technology will bring the cells back to a more youthful state, allowing them to repair and replace damaged tissue.

They’ll reclaim the energy they’ve lost. Using their experienced brains, they can perform everything with more vitality at the same time. Their mental abilities will be sharp. What they have learned throughout their lives will add value to them. If they desire, they can have children and start a new, happier family!

It is like being born again – but better. You’ll be transformed to a younger body and the best part is, you won’t have to go through any either. Imagine waking up and seeing your face and body look and feel as young as they did when you were in your twenties!

Not only are your hearing, vision, taste, touch, and smell restored to their youthful condition, but you are also mentally alert with a youthful outlook on life. You can live an ageless lifestyle. You can preserve your youth. You can once again enjoy all of your favorite foods. You can enjoy the wealth, style, and excitement that come with being youthful.

And we have an advanced artificial intelligence scanner.

When you lie inside a hollow cylinder, it uses over 10 different frequencies of electromagnetic waves to scan your body. Then it sends that information to a specialized supercomputer we call the correction mechanism. That computer analyses all the data and identifies any imbalances in your body. By altering specific frequency patterns, it tells your cells how to repair themselves and reestablish homeostasis. Any kind of human disease can be cured within a few minutes!

Another technology we want to share with you is the ‘Organ Regenerator’. This is an amazing bio-organic machine that has the power to regenerate organs. Created with advanced plasma technology, it replaces damaged organs with brand new ones!

It will match the body data of a person to a Master Default Program. In it, we keep an ongoing file of human anatomy all the way to cells. and if it finds a mismatch due to an organ being removed, it will start regenerating that organ. In effect, you can regrow any part of your body.

For this, we use our 3D Bio Printer. It’s easy to print out replacement organs. Everything is done automatically with its inbuilt AI. We have already stored all the data in our 3D library of anatomy, so it will print out any part you need.

You will feel completely weightless while lying on our device. It will be like floating in space! You will go through deep sleep. You will be completely relaxed. It will be a sensory deprivation experience with zero side effects.

Our advanced technologies will be a medical breakthrough that will change your views on healing and diseases. You can benefit greatly from this “Heavenly New Age Medicine” that has been hidden from the public for a very long time.

We can’t wait any longer. We can’t watch you suffer any longer. We don’t want you to be hurt anymore. We love you. You are our family of light and this universe cares about you.

Our mission is to empower the building of a new age of Gaia immediately with our advanced technologies.

You are the builders of a new earth where anything is possible.

The Age of light has begun. A new Earth is at hand, and it will be a happy one, a peaceful one, a joyful one, a music-filled one, and a dance-filled one!

We love you dearly.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray




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2 thoughts on “Organ Regenerator -The Bio-Organic Machine”

  1. Hello! I’am more certain the Elohim will provide us with a technology exchange if we recognize them as our creators but first we must build a embassy to greet them.I’am doubtful it will come from some other ET race but there is always a chance to hope it might come to pass.Making us youthful again sounds wonderful however human cloning technology can bring us back from the dead.Its to bad it isn’t mentioned in this article but are collective potential in our advances in science and technology can bring us to par with any alien race that might have something better to offer.Based on my own readings I’ve come to the conclusion that technology exchanges have already happen in secret in the past and they were technologies we weren’t ready for at the time but doing deals with what we consider negative ET’s seems more of a possibility than anything else.Instead of looking to the stars we should consider the fact that they the advance technology could come from a secret government location and released to the public for widespread distribution in ways unknown to us at the present time.

  2. Ur rite what u say its took over 50years for tecknolgy 2be put around the world .but nasa has got plenty of tecknolgy that we won’t ever see. Uv only got 2 look at ur mobile phone and the amazing stuff it can do. U may not no this but ur phone can record everything u say even thow ur not useing it.I was so shocked when I got a strange voice mail when I called it up it was me and my father talking about mobile net works I was very shocked but I wondering who was doing it? For some reason they was leting me no what they can do with mobile phones


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