Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The World’s Elite

Many big innovations radically transform the culture in which they live. Although the people at the top of the social hierarchy have something to benefit from reinforcing the status quo, they are suppressing new developments that are beneficial to the environment but harmful to their life.

Nikola Tesla’s engineering genius was no different. Here are some of these innovations, ‘they don’t want you to know about Nikola Tesla:

The Death Ray

Nikola Tesla claimed to have created the “death beam” that he called Teleforce in the 1930s. The unit was capable of producing an extremely concentrated energy beam “that could be used to dispose of hostile warplanes, foreign armies, or something else you’d rather not exist.” The so-called “death ray” was never built because he felt it would be too straightforward for counties to kill each other.

Tesla suggested that a nation should “destroy everything within 200 miles… [and have a wall of force” to “render every land, large or small, impregnable against armies, aircraft, and other means of assault.” He claimed attempts have been made to snatch the innovation. His space had been entered and his documents had been examined, but the robbers or agents were left empty-handed.

The Tesla Oscillator

In 1898, Tesla reported that he had designed and deployed a tiny oscillating system that almost shook the building and all around it when it was connected to his office and in service. In other terms, the computer could replicate earthquakes. “Tesla said he took a hammer to the oscillator to kill it, instructing his staff to assert ignorance of the origin of the tremor if questioned.”

Any theorists claim that Tesla’s study tends to be utilized by the government in areas like the HAARP facility in Alaska.

The Free Energy system

With funds from JP Morgan, Tesla planned and constructed Wardenclyffe Tower, a gigantic wireless transmitting station, in New York from 1901 to 1902. Morgan felt the Wardenclyffe Tower could provide cellular contact around the globe. Tesla, though, had other ideas.

Tesla’s aim was to relay letters, telephony, and even facsimile pictures through the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea, based on his ideas of utilizing the Earth to generate signals. If the experiment succeeded, somebody might have electricity by merely attaching a rod to the land. Unfortunately, free energy is not lucrative at all.

And this structure may be extremely risky for the corporate establishment, and it could fundamentally transform the oil market. Imagine how different the planet would be if humanity did not require oil and coal to function? Would the powerful forces of the planet have retained control? Morgan has declined to finance the reforms. The project was discontinued in 1906 and has never been active.

The Flying Saucer

In 1911, Nikola Tesla told The New York Herald that he was operating on an anti-gravity flying vehicle.

“My flying machine would have no wings or propellers. You could see it on the deck, and you would never have guessed it was a flying aircraft. Yet it would be able to travel at will across the air in either direction of absolute freedom, at faster speeds than has yet been attained, independent of temperature and oblivious to “doors in the air” or downward currents.

If needed, it will ascend in such currents. It will stay completely stationary in the air, except in the breeze, for a long time to come. Its lifting capacity can rely not on such fragile devices as the bird has to use, but on constructive mechanical intervention.”

Tesla’s flying saucer was powered by a free energy device at a period when the fledgling aviation and automobile industry relied on oil and oil. His technology had suffered the same fate as his free energy device.

Improved Airships

Tesla suggested that electrically driven airships would carry passengers from New York to London within three hours, eight miles above level. He also imagined that the airships might derive their strength from the very atmosphere and that they would never have to pause to refuel.

Unmanned aerial vessels can also be used to carry travelers to a pre-selected destination or for remote aerial attacks. He was never credited for his discovery. Today, though, we have autonomous drones carrying out war operations, supersonic aircraft flying at incredible heights, and space shuttle technology that will orbit the Planet in the upper atmosphere.

It has long been believed that the FBI actually confiscated all of his jobs, research, and ideas that he had in his hands when he died. This rumor has now been verified by the latest, highly classified Freedom of Information Act demands submitted by the FBI.


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