New Message From the Galactic Federation




Dear beloved family of light,

The Galactic Federation is an association of multiple civilizations comprised of galactic races that are also living on this Earth with humanity.

The reason behind our existence is to elevate planetary consciousness, not just for Earth’s inhabitants but also for all inhabitants of the Universe.

To achieve this, we had to use different tools. The first thing that humanity has to realize is that there is no time like the present. Some people think that change is impossible, and the longer they wait, the longer they will take to become aware of their own power.

Reaching a level of consciousness where you realize you have control over your reality is your natural state. Everything is under your control in this state.

It means you are consciously choosing to become aware of everything. You are becoming a conscious creator.

This is not magic in the sense of pulling rabbits out of hats or making money appear out of thin air. This is magic in the sense that you are purposefully shifting your frequency to create what you want.

You have been operating from one and the same frequency for a very long time. It is time to switch the dial and tune in to a new frequency. One in which all things are possible.

When you become conscious creators, you begin to perceive the interconnectedness of all things. You see how everything is actually a part of your consciousness, and that you can manifest it into different forms by thinking about it in a different way.

When you shift your consciousness from being uncreative to creative, it has a domino effect. Then you will become aware of the potential that exists inside you, just waiting to be brought into your awareness.

Raising your consciousness means being able to consciously work with the forces of creation rather than being victims of circumstances.

You will be overjoyed when you receive something you have wished for or when you receive a piece of good news. It is a normal part of your lives. Even if the good news you received is false, you will be happier because you believe it to be true until you learn the truth. As a result, happiness does not come from things or circumstances outside of one’s control.

It comes from within you, from your consciousness, as you’ve shifted your consciousness to that specific frequency. The external circumstance is merely a tool that assists you in tuning in to that frequency. It’s merely a pretext for you to enter that happy state of mind.

Success and happiness have nothing to do with each other. Happiness has nothing to do with ambition, nor does it have anything to do with wealth, power, or status. It’s a completely different world. Happiness is something related to your level of consciousness. It is related to letting go and relaxing.

Searching for happiness is an exercise of futility. As long as you are trying to find what will make you happy, it means you are missing it. Happiness comes not by finding what will make you happy but by finding happiness within yourself.

The majority of people continue to seek happiness through external means. They stop chasing after they get that thing. They’re relaxed. They have calm. They are happy. However, it is only a matter of time. They’ll start chasing something else once more. They became tense once more. Again, they become relaxed and happy for a short period of time after receiving that thing. It is a continuing process.

It’s completely absurd. Because they created the tension by chasing something, they are the source of it. And they look for ways to relieve tension so that they can relax and be happy.

Happiness, on the other hand, is here now and requires no conditions. Happiness is a natural emotion. There are no rules and regulations for your happiness. Maintain your happiness for no apparent reason. There’s no need to look for a reason to be happy. Simply be happy. Just know that this is how to play with your consciousness.

Turning water into wine isn’t necessary. If you drink water joyfully while maintaining your pure consciousness, the water will transform into wine. You will be able to enjoy the joy of wine by simply drinking water. It’s just a mental state.

Raise your consciousness. Life is happening right now. It is to be lived. Live it wholeheartedly, consciously, and joyfully.

When mass consciousness rises, the Earth has the potential to transform into a world of peace, harmony, and unity.

We are ready to provide you the tools you need to awaken from the deepest levels of yourself – from joy to embodied love, from knowing your authentic self to goodness and service. As you do this, you contribute to raising consciousness and creating a better planet.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Channel and Art by Aurora Ray



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