The international summit based on global warming which is an important event was held in Copenhagen recently.

A lot of nations took part at this event and one of the messages conveyed through the summit was extremely interrupting. And it was the message that was sent by the Eskimo elders.

The Inuit elders have noticed something peculiar about the vast climatic disturbance which is about to happen in near future. However, the scientists possess different ideas and views regarding global warming and climatic changes. They still contradict the reasons for the issue.

But as what was informed by the Inuit elders, the climatic phenomenon is more complex than industrial pollution and activities.

According to them, global warming is just a small part of the big issue.

According to the Inuit elders, they have witnessed a change in the path and the direction of sunrise than in the past. In addition to it, they’ve also experienced that the day time is much longer than it used to be in the past. And also they say that the sun too is higher than it was in the past.

All these make us believe that the Earth had shifted itself from its axis. Kunuk Zacharius, one among the Inuits stated that he has already sent a sequence of emails to NASA including many details to help out this claim. Have a look at the following video to see for yourself.

Source of the information: Infinity Explorers.