Landing on the moon is the most massive hoax that the innocent earthlings have ever witnessed. It was faked for a number of reasons according to most theorists around the world. Eventually, NASA has made a mind blowing announcement that might put all of the rumors aside.

As per reliable information from NASA, they are about to release a new 4k virtual tour of the Moon as soon as possible. This means to allow us, the users to observe each and every square inch of the Moon in all of its majesty.

The amount of details gathered to execute such a vast project is simply not in our hands, and that’s why many people believe this to be 100% genuine.

These photographs were originally captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft of NASA. We’re given a chance to see even the place where the aircraft originally landed back in 1969 for the sake of these wonderful images.

Just try to zoom in and out and move around the Dark Side of the Moon, which you have never seen before. We hope today to be an amazing day for both the general public and the theorists.

Well, are you still wondering about an ideal spot to start your journey? Then, here you move heading forward from the Tycho crater with no more discussions. To say the least, it’s the perfect spot that has a giant history of a hundred million years.


Source of the information: Ancient Files.