NASA Footage of UFO Battle

Oct 1, 2020

Is this a video of a UFO firing upon another in orbit around Earth?

Or just a bunch of ice particles being thrown about in orbit as the shuttle Discovery fires its thrusters as NASA say??

Now NASA never lies so I know which one I believe 🙂

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2 thoughts on “NASA Footage of UFO Battle”

  1. I saw this one, quite few years ago. Right after this, the classified manifests of future space flights included huge mirror components. It was thought that portions of the Majestic program’s budget was rerouted for the construction of target mirrors in orbit around the earth, so we could fire our beam weapons more accurately. Majestic 12 had already constructed energy beam weapons, nearby several of our largest nuclear plants. The best weapon is useless, if you cant hit your target, as this video evidence proved. Yes, that shot came from the surface, not from orbit.


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