NASA and The US Navy have a fully operational fleet of ships in space!

The media reported on Gary McKinnons dramatic battle against extradition to the United States after he tried to access the Pentagon’s most sensitive files.

Most newspapers and television outlets, on the other hand, paid no attention to the information about the US military revealed by the Scottish hacker.

Since McKinnon has made several assertions about the facts he retrieved from the military archive, the secrecy surrounding this news is very surprising.

An Excel spreadsheet listing the identities of a squad of extraterrestrial officers was one of the top-secret documents obtained by McKinnon. This means that the officers in question aren’t human at all. McKinnon has discovered evidence of a classified space fleet known as the “USS.” According to McKinnon, the United States operates this fleet, which is entirely manned by military forces.

About the fact that many people ignore McKinnons affirmations, there are those who believe in him. According to William Tompkins, NASA, for example, has a heavily classified space fleet. And, according to Tompkins, this fleet is responsible for maintaining the operating colonies on Mars and the Moon.

Corey Goode backs up these claims, saying that the Germans were the first to explore Mars in the 1930s, and that Americans colonized the planet in the 1970s. Goode also believes that there is a covert operation known as Project Solar Warden whose goal is to find planets suitable for human colonization.

It’s strange how many people ignore McKinnons allegations despite the fact that his story is so consistent with other people’s claims.


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