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Updated 05/13/2021


When I was five living in Winchester Tennessee I was drawn outside and walked up in the street where our House was , we were living in since I was one or two. I started looking around. Down the Hill I saw A Robotic Alien and I froze in the middle of the road and watched it approach me. I was in grave fear but I was unable to move or speak. The Closer It got I could hear the steps hitting the road. It was very loud and made me tremble in fear. Finally it was upon me and it picked me up and continued walking down the road. I blacked out and can’t remember anything other than waking up behind the small grocery store near our house. After laying there a few minutes and it was still dark. I collected myself and ran home. Thankfully home was very near. I put myself to bed but was very confused over of the whole deal. I didn’t mention to anyone, when I had before I was told I sleep walk and talk in my sleep. Which my Mom, Claims we never had that discussion with me. So again it was a crazy experience I could not find logic in. Anyway, for what’s it is worth it happened. Many other experiences with ETs but nobody in my family recalls. My Mom never likes to talk about this subject and my Dad will but he has always told me not to do so in public. Regardless I realize I have a Extraterrestrial family and they have helped me through out my life. I am proud now I have to learn to deal with it as I have done all my life. Different anxieties now. But must stand strong and just do it. Lesson learned.

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