How Times Have Changed Over Night. Now The Media Can’t Stop Talking About ETs!

Extraterrestrial City

Updated 05/13/2021

If a whole group and range of people have the same Experience of the same things happening to them, well, you tend to believe them don’t you? Ah, but if that experience is of being captured by Extraterrestrials and hoisted into a spaceship, now that’s an entirely different matter. No, then you call them crackpots and dismiss them out of hand. That is, unless you’re a Oxford Professor, a very distinguished one. In that case you write a book, come in for ridicule but make a lot of people re-think their views on Extraterrestrials, and those who say they’ve been abducted, or had Contacts by them. Now we Have more and more Contactees , Military, Pilots and others coming out to tell their Experiences. It is very much Mainstream News Now  thanks to a lot of people.

But now we are seeing it everywhere in the news, media and more people are coming out with their experiences and it really has changed a lot! Of course they are some that just will not believe this Phenomenon, ever!

Please remember we all have different opinions, Think Before You Speak or Write Something that is cruel to Others. After all, We are only Humans. Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes. To share your experiences or just leave a comment there is a area below. Read or listen.

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Whether you think UFOs are black projects, extraterrestrial craft, something else altogether, or just don’t know.

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