MOON Base Structures Found – Lunar Pump Station

🧐 This amazing Moon image shows a large dome structure with pipes going into the crater surface as well as other large crater buildings nearby. One is a prefect black triangle and another is a blown out rectangular high-rise block structure. Incredible stuff to see here. Any establishment muppets that say these are lava tubes or meteors can go …….!



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1 thought on “MOON Base Structures Found – Lunar Pump Station”

  1. Hello! I’am sure when we go back to the moon to stay it might run contrary to keeping a secret moon base there already.How will astronauts avoid the activity that is already done in secret?Will we create life there like the Elohim did on Earth so long ago or will it be the planet Mars?These are compelling questions to be answered for sure and hopefully will get the answers in our lifetimes.


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