Missing Time and Implanted Memories as Mechanisms of Contact with UAP Intelligences

J Burke MD. had a missing time experience on Highway 62 while driving back from Joshua Tree National Monument in 1993. He had been doing fieldwork attempting to attract UFOs as part of the what was called the “CE-5 Initiative.” An hour before sunrise, he saw a strange red light on top of a hill that was at the entrance to a stretch of road that passed through a ravine. He pulled to the side of the highway, and  used a powerful lantern to signal at the red light. To his amazement, the hillside dissolved into mist as the beam shined upwards. He then lost about an hour of time on highway 62. His friend reported several days later than he had recall of being on-board an “ET spacecraft.” Burkes had no such recollections. The only thing he remembered was that he had signaled at the red light and suddenly felt dazed. His coworker then started the car and suddenly the sun was high in the sky. At that point they were only a few miles from the entrance to the ravine. They had lost at least an hour of time.

Several months after this event, a memory surfaced in his mind that they had done a separate fieldwork investigation and while driving home they stopped on highway 62 on a different section of that road. He recalled that his friend’s vehicle was filled with a blinding white light.

He was convinced that it was a totally different outing from the first missing time event.  The more he thought about it, the more confused

he became because he couldn’t remember any of the other details of what he imagined was a separate Joshua Tree fieldwork session. (It was his custom to write extensive fieldwork notes.)

He eventually shared his confusion with the coworker who had been out in the field with him. He told him that we had stopped in the darkness twice on the night of their missing time experience. He had completely forgotten this detail. He suspected that his mind constructed a false recollection that they had done a separate investigation from a fragmented memory. He did not recall their vehicle filling with light, however.

Burkes thinks contact experiencers should be open to the distinct possibility that UFO intelligences can create not only missing time. They might also manufacture false memories in targeted contact experiencers that take the form of “screen memories” that are considered to be false recollections. Perhaps, entire “abduction scenarios” might also be inventions of advanced psychic technology. One might call these the products of “memory implant psi technology.”

What he is suggesting is a direct attack on the notion, “if you remember something then it actually physically happened.” This proposed mechanism of contact via implanting false memories undermines the entire data base of “alien abduction” literature. The scoop marks that experiencers point to as proving the physical nature of abductions might merely be props placed on witnesses’ bodies by something akin to small mobile surgical probes. Such devices might manifest in our physical reality and leave marks, with the result that we are misled into thinking that “abductions” are exclusively physical rather than primarily psychic events.


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Source   J.Burkes MD  Contact Underground

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