BEYOND BIZARRE! Eight Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Encounters

UFO and extraterrestrial encounters are known for their high levels of strangeness. Whether a sighting, a face-to-face encounter with ETs or an onboard experience, each case usually contains unique and unusual elements. Each case adds to our knowledge of alien contact. This article (and video) presents eight cases that illustrate the bizarre high-strangeness of UFO/ET encounters. CASE ONE: In 1976, Kathleen Teti stepped outside her home in Norristown, PA to an incredible sight. A saucer-shaped craft hovered ten feet above her front yard. The dome atop the craft had huge windows, through which Kathleen could see two gray-type ETs. Even more strange, she saw two humans who had apparently been taken onboard. She was so close, she could see the consoles, chairs, and what appeared to be a red shag rug on the floor and walls! CASE TWO: In May 1976, Christina Bryant, her daughter and a friend drove late at night on a desert highway outside of Alamogordo, NM. After seeing weird lights overhead, they found themselves on a small dirt road confronted by a strange sight: a uniformed police officer with his cruiser partially overturned in a ditch. The next thing they knew, they were back on the highway missing hours of time. Later under hypnosis, Christina recalled that the policeman was actually an ET, and his cruiser was a landed craft. She and her daughter were both taken onboard. CASE THREE: On Sep 9, 1976, Bill and Lenda Pecha (and their children) were drawn out of their home in Colusa, CA by a huge craft with blazing bright lights drawing electricity out of the nearby power lines, causing a power-failure. When the craft came over their house, Bill became alarmed; he could physically feel the electricity coming off the craft. The family ran to their car and drove off in a panic. The UFO chased them all the way to their friend’s house who also saw the object. Meanwhile, other witnesses in town observed the display. A weird after-effect is that the UFO caused a pear-tree which had already borne fruit to blossom again! CASE FOUR: Florida Malboeuf could hardly believe her eyes when, on Jan 6, 1977, she looked out her apartment window in downtown Montreal, Canada. A metallic, saucer-shaped craft was coming in for a landing on top of the roof of the building across the street. She watched in shock as two humanoids exited the craft and peered over the edge of the building. After the craft took off, her son went to investigate and found a circle of re-frozen ice on the building-top, along with odd child-sized footprints. CASE FIVE: On Jun 27, 1977, Edna Owens and her four children went shopping at the local market in the small town of Telford, TN. Returning home, they saw what appeared to be a shooting star. But then it began darting around and soon revealed itself to be a flying saucer. When the object came towards them, they fled into the house and turned off all the lights. The object hovered over the house and began circling it. Frightened, the family fled the house. The daughter got an electrical shock when she touched the car door. The family drove off and the object followed. The youngest daughter became so hysterical, she had to be hospitalized for a week. CASE SIX: On Aug 6, 1977, Tom Dawson of Pelham, GA left his trailer with his dogs to go fishing at the local pond. As soon as he arrived a saucer-shaped craft dropped from the sky and hovered just above the ground. Tom, his dog and a herd of nearby cattle became frozen to the spot. The craft disgorged a half-dozen short, bald, uniformed ETs who began to talk in a foreign language. Two approached Tom and conducted a weird physical exam. The case went from strange to bizarre when a voice came out of the craft, saying the name of a famous labor leader who had mysteriously disappeared a few years earlier. CASE SEVEN: On Jan 3, 1979, Meagan Quezet and her son Andre were drawn outside their home in Mindalore, Africa by the barking of their dog, Cheeky. Following him down the street, they came upon a landed craft. Out stepped several humanoid figures. They walked around the craft and appeared startled to see they were being observed. One approached Meagan and bowed in greeting. Meagan said, “Hello!” CASE EIGHT: In mid-Jul 1988, witnesses at a wild animal reserve in Lugo, Spain were shocked to see a 250-foot-long craft with purple lights hover overhead. Without warning it sent down a beam of light onto a herd of elephants. To their absolute astonishment, 26 elephants rose up the beam of light and into the craft, which darted away. The above cases show how truly strange and bizarre UFO encounters can be. They show that we are not alone in this universe, and that we still have much to learn not only about ourselves, but about the people we share this universe with. Earth is being visited by a wide variety of extraterrestrials. And the UFO contact experience is far more common than many people realize.




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