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Good morning Beautiful Souls! How is your peace today? Are you still trusting in the processes that you set up to happen in this now? If not, trust yourself and trust that you knew what you were doing and all is well in the world.

Many of humankind has been sleeping for a very long, long time. It is approaching time for them to awaken and your kindness and care will be important in the near future. For, these poor souls have been ‘spellbound’ and they have no idea that they are.

They move around in their day to day lives doing what they feel should be done in their world but they watch the television, they play with their devices, they belong to all of the apps in the App Store, they wear those Fitbit watches and they have their devices attached to their bodies at all times.

What does this do to them? It makes you wonder why they would do that, have these electronic and electromagnetic frequency devices that change their DNA, alter their abilities to see what is truly happening in their world.

They walk in their world in the 3rd dimension, thinking that all is the way it is meant to be, they do not fight, they do not argue, they fear change, they fear healing and they fear themselves.

These people are ‘spellbound’ in every way possible. They have been chipped from their devices and they cannot understand that they have a beautiful future ahead of them if they can just remove their fears and stop allowing others to ‘tell’ them how they should think, feel and be. They are of the group dynamic on the planet of people who will not heal, will not open their hearts.

There is a ‘spellbound’ direction being pointed at the children in this now, this is the alarming part. The adults who chose to be ‘spellbound’, well, there is nothing we can do about that one. But the children? Can we help them? Can we assist the children and remove devices from their being, help them to understand that playing outside and being spiritual is more important in this now?

A child depends on an adult to help them, to guide them, and to direct them in good and healthy directions. But if a parent is ‘spellbound’ they are unable to guide, they are following their own marching orders and they are also showing their children how to follow them as well.

This creates a serious dystopian society where humankind has no power, has no vision, and has no ability to see ahead using their own intuitions. This function within your four-body system is turned off and is inactive until you reactivate it.

You have the power to do that, you have to power to show your children how to activate as well. It’s all about trust, using your inner intuitions, and following your higher self for your highest good. You are an amazing being, you have all of the power of the universe at your disposal, and yet, you choose to play with your devices, your television and you cannot see yourself.

I can see you, I see who and what you are, you are really something! Did you even remember it or are you still hiding from you?

Are you awake yet? Are you aware yet? If so, please know that you are responsible for you, if you have children, you are also responsible for those children to learn, to be guided, directed, and shown the light way to be healthy in life. Show them how to do it in a spiritual and trusting way, intuitively learning how powerful they are. Show them how to find their own spirit. Show them how to meditate and find their own soul. This is healing and this is power making.

It is time for the warriors to emerge, the children of the light. If they are playing with devices, watching television and not ‘living’ they will not find it. They will be lost until you can show them how to find themselves again. Beings of light, beings of God, beings of power who will assist in healing the world.

Make no mistake, this whole television, cell-phones, devices, computers have all been designed for many reasons, one to keep you distracted so you do not notice what is really happening on the planet. It has worked for many years keeping you asleep and now, you are waking up, wake up your children, show them how to keep things more simple and yet healthier.

Be ‘spellbound’ no longer, be awake, alert, intuitive, helpful and, be discerning of your world and what is surrounding you. If it is not positive, make changes to create a positive and happier life for yourself.

You have the power, it is time to use it.

I love you with my whole heart.


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Love and Regards,

Thank You,

Nancy Thames


Author: Julie Severn

Artist: Nicebleed

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