Meet Victor Fuhrman A Contactee

“My earliest memory is about five years old (1958) and last “conscious memory” was age 8. These beings looked “human” but seemed to “glow” or project an aura. I used to call them “my special teachers” and refer to the experiences as “night school” as I had knowledge from them that was advanced for my age and education and had no other source for. When I shared these experiences with my parents, I was told I had an “overactive imagination” and not to tell anyone else. My mother, who passed in 2020, once questioned why she had an auto-immune illness that no one else in the family line ever experienced. I shared with her that my younger siblings and I also had three different conditions (non life threatening) and that some who have been experiencers or contactees, also had unusual conditions. I then reminded her that she never believed when I shared my experiences as a child and asked her if she recalled anything unusual. She responded, “No…except for that time you were about a year old.” The hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up! She continued, “You were about a year old (Jan-Feb of 1954) and your crying woke me up around 3AM. I got up to make you a bottle and while I was in the kitchen, this strange orange-yellow light came through the window and I couldn’t move. That’s the last thing I remember until I awoke in the morning.” She confirmed for me what I already knew and took a huge weight off my shoulders with the acknowledgement. “
— Victor Fuhrman

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