Meet Tabatha Montgomery A Contactee

“I travel a lot and have encountered different energies out there. Although, you cannot tell or sometimes see their faces and occasionally they’ll form a face through gas like energy, whether it’s human or non-human, they could follow your energy signature back to your location. Sometimes it take a couple of hours to entangle and become a different energy out there. In my experience, real strong energies out there, which I consider higher energies that Cycles really fast more than angry ghosts that has passed on to Spirit world, are definitely ET energies. There times, I get hitchhikers where dense Shadow energies would bleep in and out and sometimes they would hang out and watch. The one thing that I can distinguish from that ET πŸ‘½ energies have no fear but more of a curiosity type of vibrations but human-based remote viewers or military trained watchers or those who have been trained to manipulate thought forms, usually bleeps in and out of the walls, pictures or objects within your local domain. They vibrate outside your local domain once I acknowledge their presence..
Usually say,… I see you… the connection is dropped. I like ET’s watching with curiosity and often help out in the creation process. There is always signs of some sort of electrical magnetic glitches going on… whether there are orbs or my electronic devices will glitch in and out.. even power down but lots of UPS all over the place to keep track of the Electrical glitches.” πŸ˜†Tabatha Montgomery

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