Meet Steve Martin A Contactee

“Saw a Nordic type at the side of a cornfield in England in 92 after a UFO sighting.

“I was a market trader and was driving with my partner at the time on Sunday about 5 am nobody at all on the road then we both saw a white orb looking light so I pulled the van over and the light came over the top of my van my partner shouted for me to get back in the van then I remember seeing a smaller red orb fly inside the bigger white orb and they shot straight up very fast. We set off and 5 minutes later on a bend there was a tall (person) in a full white outfit flagging us down so I slowed down but he looked so strange my partner said keep going don’t stop! So as we drove past slowly he looked to be in distress and was sort of shaking his head. Weirdest part is we always got to the market in plenty of time to set our stalls up but this day everyone was already set up and they was laughing at us because we were about 40 minutes late! But I’m sure I only stopped for 5 minutes! I have always wondered if we were taken but I have no memory of that.”  ~Steve Martin


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