Meet Douglas Michael Leander A Contactee

“Usually two to four small greys would come into my room, often through the west wall. I often experienced sleep paralysis. To this day, I don’t remember any of the abductions from the point when I was lifted and floating out with the entities. I begged my parents for help, but they eventually told me to shut up. I was known as a sleepwalker and often I would wake up or be found several blocks ftom my house. Sometimes I was naked and there was no sign of my pajamas. My parents took me to medical specialists to try to explain my “sleepwalking”, but nothing ever came of it.
The (presumed) abductions stopped about 3rd grade, when I was 8 years old.
Only when I was in my twenties and UFO and abduction reports were becoming more common, did I begin to recognize the abduction patterns. I have tried throughout my adult life to remember anything more than the pre-abduction appearance of the greys or the aftermath, when I became conscious after waking up somewhere outside my house.
In my 50’s I had constant, recurring dreams of Mars almost every night. After about 1 to 2 years, those dreams stopped.
I paid for a course from Tony Rodrigues, the experiencer and SSP slave, which helped guide me in meditation to recover fragmented memories. However, I still have no coherent recall about the (supposed) abductions to this day.
Now I am 70 years old, and am very involved in the UFO community. I’m hoping to survive long enough to integrate those early experiences into my conscious life.” Douglas Michael Leander
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