My use of Blue Orbs with Reptilians and Grey Extraterrestrials

A Blue Orb spirit guide
A Blue Orb spirit guide

Orbs can range in size from small to large. Many people believe that a blue orb is a spirit guide. The orb is considered a spiritual omen or form of communication. This blue orb theory embraces the messaging as one of spiritual guidance. Some people believe that spirit guides take on an orb form. I have always been told to choose the color blue by the Elders Interdimensional Beings. It has always had a special meaning to me as well as crystals, amethysts, and rocks in general. I started collecting them as a child and throughout adulthood.


Presenting My blue Orb

My Grey Female Guide got me to the spacecraft where I was introduced to a Reptilian male Extraterrestrial dressed in a uniform with an symbol on his chest and I was telepathically told from my Grey Female Guide to share my Orb with the Reptilian and practice my telepathy. During my greeting with the Male Being I ask to be allowed to remember our visit.  He greeted me and said “Welcome” I expressed great gratitude for confirmation of That I would be able to remember our visit, then they guided me to other work stations to engage in studies. My studies varied at times but this time it was visuals and use with advanced computers.

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  1. Nancy,
    I have several Blue Orb encounters, & many Blue Orb & UFO sightings. I have pictures, videos, & so many questions.
    Will you please be willing to speak with me?


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