Mary Rodwell and new Alien Human Hybrids are on Earth

I have tremendous respect for Mary Rodwell

We Are The Disclosure
We Are The Disclosure
We are Waking Up!
We are Waking Up!


Quotes from Mary Rodwell
“A complex extraterrestrial program, genetic links, multilevel educational programs, coupled with soul interaction, is not congruent with a subversive agenda. Even to my limited human logic, that is nonsensical. Extraterrestrials have technology to take us out in a nano-second if that was their desire. No, these Encounters suggest a far different hypothesis, something far more profound, and the reward is transformation of consciousness.”

This Woman is remarkable we have emailed each other several times and I have followed and listened to her lectures. She truly understand the ridicule and shut downs people can give you on these subjects, but hangs her head high and continues to educate humanity and help others like me to understand our meaning here at this time in our life. I would encourage you to find her lectures on YouTube and especially for your children.
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