Man Found a Memory-Stick Containing Many Photos With UFOs in Space

A man known as Quinto recently came across a jarring discovery while walking home from work. Despite the fact that he’d lived in a small village around Berlin, Germany for the majority of his life he never figured he’d stumble across such an insane discovery.

He was walking very close to an area known as “Steintor” by the locals when he saw a very strange USB stick on the ground. He picked it up and noticed a very strange symbol on it and the fact that it was extremely old.

He took it home and plugged it in, not expecting it to work, but after he did so he realized the fact that the USB was filled with 28 pictures of space, planets, and UFOs.

He also discovered the fact that they all dated back to the 1900s, and after looking into them more he discovered the fact that the stick was most likely filled with pictures snapped by the old Voyager satellites.

The first Voyager was launched on September 5th, 1977 while the second was launched on August 20th, 1977 so the time certainly does match up.

After he uploaded the pictures they were quickly removed off of the internet mysteriously. We re-uploaded them for your convenience.


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