Made Contact – How To Make Contact With Aliens

In the past three years, he has been running a CE 5 group session on his ranch on a monthly basis where people can make contact with NHIs. It’s conducted in a safe and organized environment and it’s part of a movement which has really taken off worldwide. More people are coming out every day talking about their close encounter experiences and Murburg is one of the people leading the way. Murburg is a Princeton graduate, contact experiencer, writer instructor and attorney. His contact experiences began in 1957 with a with a major contact experience in 1979 having a profound effect on his life. Mike’s experiences are documented in the Foundation for the Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) book, “Beyond UFO’s: The Science of Consciousness and Contact With Non Human Intelligence”. His personal experiences are included in the Princeton Protocols: A Beginner’s Guide for CE-5 and Human Initiated Contact Experiences. Murburg began a CE-5 meditation meet up for contactees and experiencers and others who want to learn the CE-5 Protocols and engage in peaceful Human Initiated Extraterrestrial or celestial being contact.

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