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So, we have two options sitting before us, realistically. If, as mainstream science and history states, Antarctica has been under sheets of ice for approximately the last 15 million years, then we might be forced to assume that the detailed map of Antarctica and the other matching coastlines and islands, would have had to have been created by an advanced civilization in pre-history – literally millions and millions of years ago. If this is true, then we would have to completely rethink humanity’s timeline and history.
Or, if the mainstream is wrong, and Antarctica has not been covered with ice for millions of years but only for the last 6,000 years, then the idea of earth crust displacement required serious study. And with it, an examination of not only the fact that the Piri Reis map was likely made at some time before this critical 4,000 BC mark, but that it would have still taken an advanced civilization to have done so. Might we, then, also consider more seriously the idea that the legends of Atlantis were, in fact, very real.

While we will explore the possible connections between the potential realities of Atlantis and Antarctica shortly, it is also interesting to examine just how this map came into Reis’s possession in the first place. Hapgood would speculate that it had been passed through the ages in an “underground stream”, suggesting, of course, that secret societies or initiates of knowledge and the true history of our planet had done so.

We might ask, then, why would such knowledge have been kept secret and not declared like other discoveries?

We have written about the Nazis – in particular those of high rank within the Third Reich – and their connection to the occult and esoteric knowledge. That search for such secretive wisdom – at least according to some researchers – would take the Nazis to Antarctica in the run-up to the Second World War.

We have examined previously the alleged Nazi bases in Antarctica. We have also examined the numerous claims of just what these bases might have been used for. Some believe that they were used to store multiple submarines to deny the Allied Forces the knowledge of how many such vehicles they had, as well as to avoid destruction.

Others, though, believe that the base was used to develop UFO-type technology, with some even going as far as to say the base was occupied by high-ranking Nazi officers and an unknown alien race.

One claim in the book Nazi Moonbase by Graeme Davis, claims that the base was home to the alleged Haunebe flying disc, which was discreetly shipped out of German-held territory as the Russian army approached in May 1945. Davis further claims that Hans Kammler (along with other high-ranking scientists and engineers) then worked to develop the disc – as well as the base itself – well into 1946 with a view to “continuing the war”.

While it is easy to dismiss such claims as fantasist nonsense, we should perhaps resist doing so until we have refreshed our minds of the Project High Jump operation in early 1947 involving one of the most respected military people of his day, Admiral Richard Byrd.




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