Lord Sananda Transmission



Dear sons and daughters of planet earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again I am grateful to be here and to communicate with you in a simple and extremely multiplying way. The moment is made up of many things that happen at the same time. It is a time of pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant. Many changes, much is brought into your life that you could never imagine. Many of you have many experiences, very interesting ones and others not so much.

Each soul’s journey writes exactly what you are going through today. It is as if everything that your soul has to transform, everything that your soul has to learn, is applied in a single moment, no longer over several incarnations.

All lessons are presented in this incarnation. Many are unaware of this and let the lessons pass by because they believe there is still time; that there is still a lot of time to correct yourself, to improve yourself as a person and as a soul.

But I tell you the time is short, the period that you still have to correct many things is small. No more incarnations, not a dozen or more years to go
The time is short.

So this is the time when every minute, not every day, it is every minute, you try to change, prepare yourself, analyze yourself so that you at least stop creating new problems. When you stay in balance when you manage to stay within the lines that are necessary for the fifth dimension, you begin to only care about what comes in from the past; because every minute something comes in, but with the certainty that you will not generate anything in the future. If you don’t care, if you keep making the same mistakes, if you keep getting out of whack, if you are aware of it, then you sow now and soon you will reap.

So this is where many realize that they are not off balance. That you go, go, go, and then suddenly you slip and are back. That is exactly why because you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You know you make mistakes, you know what mistakes are, but you can’t help but make the same mistake again. So in the further course, you have to deal with everything that comes from the past and what provokes you today. Because everything comes back very quickly.

So the attention needs to be; always the attention, be immense in every minute, in every thought, in every word, in every action. It doesn’t say, “I’ll be better tomorrow, I’ll be better one day.” No, there is no more room for that. You must improve here and now, recognize the mistake and avoid repeating it, so that your path gives the impression that you are moving forward. And I can even say that those who feel they aren’t going really don’t; they do just that. It’s like you’ve walked a good bit of the road and then suddenly slip and have to go all the way back and start the route all over again.

The vast majority are like that. I have to warn you: the closer you get to the fifth dimension, the faster things get and the more everything has to be transformed and changed. Don’t understand that the closer you get, the easier it is; It’s just the opposite. The closer you get to the fifth dimension, the more everything has to be worked on. Because the closer you get, the more you shorten the time you have to get everything done. So things start to be in front of you much faster.

That’s why you have the feeling that it goes back and forth. And that’s exactly what happens. You leave, fail to transform everything and come back.

But on the other hand, I have to tell you that it is; There is no other way. There will always be many of you moving forward and many of you coming back. But I can tell you that you haven’t stopped walking.

From the point you stopped to the point you started sliding, there is always a positive balance. So in the end you walked a bit, even if it was only a single step. But it all depends on how you deal with everything that comes up, with each uncomfortable moment, with each unpleasant reaction from the other.

How do you deal with it?

Still angry, still discouraged, still without love? Or do you understand that this is all a test; a test to see if you have learned that lesson. Then she has to come back one more time for you to demonstrate: Yes, I have learned! “And it comes to a definite end. So the tests keep coming back, and since you have not yet effectively learned not to repeat the mistake, you come back, slip on the way back. But that cannot and should not be a reason to be discouraged; all is learning. So you have to pause, understand, speak to your higher self every moment, every step at which you realize that you have stumbled again: “How can I get rid of this? What do I have to do to get rid of this lesson?” And be sure that your higher self will answer you; be it with words, be it with thoughts, be it with something that you will see; be aware, for you will have an answer.

Do not consider yourself incapable, never, at any time. The lessons are difficult, and I can tell you that the lessons are presented to you in order of ease of learning. First, the easiest thing so that you can go. Then you come to the … as you would say in your games, the difficult part of the journey. For now, the harder lessons come, the ones where you really need to convert with just one feeling: love. Therein lies the hardest lesson, which is to listen, to pass on, to see and to have no emotion other than love. That’s why you slip so much because the lessons are on the difficult level; it is not easy to go through them. But I’m not saying you don’t have the ability, you have a lot of it. So ask for help, speak to your higher self, ask your masters for help. You forget your masters.

They are the ones who are by your side and watch everything. And when you talk to your masters, you are not explaining the situation. Many of you do this, explaining the situation minute by minute as if you were not there and seeing it all. In this way you say to them: “Look, I went through this and you didn’t see it. You agree that they are far away and not close to you. So when you’re in trouble simply asks, “What do I have to do to get out of there?” Because your masters know what you are going through. They do not sleep and they are not far from you, they are all with each of you.

So just ask, “What am I doing to end this lesson, how do I keep it from coming back?” And wait for the answer, I assure you that you will get it. So do not be discouraged, do not think that the journey will not take you to the fifth dimension. For it is precisely the closeness of the fifth dimension that causes you to go through all of this, through so many experiences that are difficult to transmute, to live through. Are you having trouble? Asks for help. This is what you have to do. And the masters come closer and closer to you, just for that. But they cannot do anything unless you ask; you forget that. You think that everyone around you has a duty to carry you in order to avoid all sorts of problems. I tell you again: if that were the case, the soul would not develop. So you have this terrible habit of shifting responsibility for your actions onto others.

Don’t do this to your masters, for they don’t act that way; they only act when you ask them to. Of course, there is protection, but only up to a certain limit. Well, solving the problems never is. You have to ask them for help, then they act. And you often forget that you try to solve things yourself. And what happens then? The big slip up because you can’t solve the problem on your own. There is no shame, there is no inferiority in asking your masters for help; they are the ones who can help you, not the other; not another human being.

Everyone has their own way of looking at a problem. So if you ask another person for help, he will give it to you from his perspective. Will it be good for you? So stop putting the solution to your problems on each other’s shoulders. Your masters, yes, you can ask them for help. But not by asking them to solve the problem, because neither will they. It’s about asking them to help you find the way out, find the way to get rid of it; you can do that. So it is getting more and more difficult, especially for your purification into the fifth dimension. Don’t complain, don’t think it’s unfair. You think you’ve transmuted everything, but I’m telling you there is a lot of heavy stuff to come. You transmute what you have the ability to do at this moment.

No one is presented with an extremely difficult lesson unless they have the capacity to go through it; that would be harmless from our side. If you’re going through difficult things, it is because you have already arrived at the front. And now you are fully empowered, fully capable of understanding how to resolve each one of them. So don’t think that you will be punished for anything You only get the heaviest burden. For now, only now, do you have the premise to know how to go through each one.

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