Life After an Alien Abduction | How Do People Deal With Being Abducted by Aliens? By Nancy Thames

How do peoples lives change after an alien abduction? Do they grow from it or do they go about their normal day to day as if nothing happened? Let’s find out.

My feelings on this:

Once the fears past, which takes a very long time. Honestly it is always there a little. The reason I say that is before it happens I feel it and get a feeling of dread and say No, No not now! You finally begin to understand better if you are with familiar beings from the past experiences, and learn to communicate with them. When you open up and ask questions they will answer you if you are in a rational state of mind. Before that point in my abduction experience I did isolate myself and it cost me relationships with family and friends, which I am still working on. I never thought they would understand but with time it has gotten better. Being open and honest about myself has brought me more independence and happiness. I finally realized by sharing my experiences and facing the facts that I am a abductee, contactee, starchild and I am here for a reason, that I chose, after consideration, to coming here in human form here on Earth. I added a Video to help others , hope you find it helpful.

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