My Experience With The Greys and Reptilians, By Nancy Thames

The Greys/Grays as they are sometimes called have made their presence to humanity known. There are no other types of alleged aliens that seem to be in contact more with humanity than the large-eyed grey-skinned creatures. Their skin feels like a Dolphin. Some have feelings and concerns. The face shows no emotion like ours do.
My Conclusion:
For myself I find the Greys seem to be more present here on Earth and when I see other Interdimensional Beings, it is the Greys that transport me to them. They seem to be workers for them and I have never had a bad encounter with the Greys. I realize some people have different experiences either their fear gets the best of them or maybe some are not so benevolent. How would I know or anyone for that matter. Thankfully I have not met any so called bad Extraterrestrials.
Getting over the fear that we have been taught to feel is very hard and with time for me that changed. I find this also true with the Reptilians. There are so many different races within the two of Extraterrestrial Races I mentioned, just as here we are all human but we have good and bad humans. So don’t judge a book by the cover. Until I got over the fear, which took many years I was unable to move or speak during times of Contact. I would be either pressed down on the bed, because I raised up to see my sons being observed in their beds while vacationing in Hotels or just frozen still but wide awake when I was alone or even with a spouse in my home.
People claim getting probed and other horrific procedures being done to them. I assure their technology is way above that, we have Doctors that specialize in
Colorectal Surgery and Gastroenterologist. So I find it very funny that people think that. From what I’ve experienced they don’t fall under good or evil. They’re just curious. I think how they handle situations seems odd and intrusive to some, because we’re raised with certain societal standards and boundaries, which they would just look past and do their job. However to each their own thought. People talk about their eggs and sperm being taken, that would make some sense, but I am not sure about that either. I do know that some us have Extraterrestrial lineage. For me I was already a Extraterrestrial before I came into Human form.
I added a Video just for information. Everybody has a story!

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1 thought on “My Experience With The Greys and Reptilians, By Nancy Thames”

  1. Hi Nancy, I have been reading a number of things on your site that I find fascinating and can completely relate to in many respects. I myself am an incarnated being from another dimension/galaxy here for a specific purpose. It is who I am and my purpose here, I believe, why I have had the types of experiences that I have had with grays and reptilians which are extremely the exact opposite of what you have encountered and I am happy for you that your experiences were all positive. I always get hesitant when I hear someone is in contact with grays and reptilians because of my own experiences, but what you said about how there is good and bad in all races, really makes sense and I hope there is much truth in it.

    Feel free to edit this next part if you feel you need to, but it might help others who have experienced this, as it did for me when I came across a random entry years ago saying the same things and I finally understood what was happening to me. This is also something I have only ever shared with one other person in my life, but as you said, it’s time for disclosure …

    As a child (starting at about 7 or 8 I think), I was continuously raped and molested in the astral state by these beings that often disguised themselves as animals, usually grey skinned, like elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, etc.. They would rape me, stimulate parts of my body that made it seem like what was happening to me was pleasurable but was really just appalling, and I would wake up in my bed the next day with sores on my body and my private parts would hurt! (and even the ‘back door’ at times as well). As a child, I couldn’t understand what was happening to me and I began to feel like there was something wrong with me. I mean, who would dream up stuff like that?! It was awful and emotionally and psychologically painful and damaging.

    This continued all the way up until my mid 20’s, but by then it was becoming a less common occurrence. Only now do I realize that these dark reptilian entities did this to me not only to feed their own depraved needs, but in an attempt to squash my light which is very powerful, but I have broken all holds over me and revoked all permissions given. (Being born on this planet means there’s a kind of ‘implied permission’ given {especially if you’ve been baptized (as I had been) or undergone any religious ceremony as a child} until you consciously revoke that permission).

    So if any rare person out there has had this happen to them, there is nothing wrong with you! In fact, you are a beautiful, powerful light which the dark is trying to extinguish, but nothing, not even fear and repression can ever put out a divine spark, and that is what you are. What we all are.

    Thank you Nancy, for you time and all the work you are putting into this. The time for disclosure is now.


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