It’s time to take the road less traveled, as the saying goes in our human language.




Our world, or the world as we knew it is changing in front of our eyes. Things will not go back to the way they were before the pandemic.
This might be scary to some but it is also very good for you. It is calling in a new wind, the wind of change.
The old world is about to be destroyed. This needs to happen so the new world can emerge.
This chaos is necessary in order for you to be kicked out of your comfort zone and begin focusing on the active creation of new earth.
Do you agree if I tell you that the way things were proceeding on our planet we were leading down a dark path of destruction and despair?
Many of us have known the new earth ascension was coming, sooner or later. But only few were actively working towards this goal that is for the greater good of all humans.
Now we can see that we’re almost out of choices and we are being forced into a new way of living. How is this going to look like?
I know that you are worried about your families, your children, your work and your finances. It is natural to be. After all, all life on this planet has been built on the idea of money and that everything must have a financial price.
But as you are moving into a higher frequency these thoughts are slowly becoming obsolete.
It sounds harder than it is.
How does the manifestation of money work?
Too many are focused on creating a product or a service or a system that will make lots of money for them without the willingness of going the extra mile.
What is that extra mile, you ask?
Well, it simply means that you must think in terms of, “How can I be of service?”, “How can I help others?”, “Which need can I help fulfill?”, “What do my fellow earth inhabitants struggle with right now that I can be useful with?, “Which talent or knowledge do I have that I can share with others to help them on their path?”, “Which tools do I have that someone else might need?”…
These are the questions you must ask yourselves now.
Focus on service, on helping and giving. Your intentions should be based on love and compassion and not on how to generate income. If you can shift your thinking you will begin to create a 5D business without the 3D fear-based thinking of how will I support myself and my family.
Abundance will start flowing.
This is the road less traveled. This is the extra mile that I like to ask you today to walk. A problem cannot be solved on the same level that created it. You must shift your mindset.
5D is NOWHERE to walk into or to arrive at. 5D IS NOW HERE.
It is YOU who must match the frequency of 5D, tune into this vibration and you will be immune to lack, fear and frustration.
I love you.
We are the family of light ground crew.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation





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Nancy Thames

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