It’s Impossible!… We Couldn’t Have Come from The Apes

The general excepted opinion in regards that we as a human species have evolved from apes. In fact the whole evolution theory is exactly that, only a theory, yet most accept this without ever questioning it or looking for the evidence. When doing so you become shocked at the amount of opposing data, that shows we could not have come from apes. Darwin himself was not convinced and only offered his conclusion as a theory which lacked scientific evidence. Researcher and author Lloyd Pye provides some startling data that demonstrates that the apes and humans are two different species.

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  1. Hi! I have nothing but praise for the article posted above it makes way for another conclusion of where humans came from.I submit here they or rather us were created scientifically in a lab by advance humans coming from another planet!They were called the Elohim as reveal by our beloved prophet Rael!


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