Is Jesus A Alien?

Jan 17, 2021

Many researchers have studied and remarked upon the obvious similarities between modern day UFO accounts and stories in the Bible and about Jesus. Some have come to the belief that Jesus may have actually been an extraterrestrial. Much of the research into this area has focused on ancient and historical accounts, including many paintings throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance which portray Jesus and UFOs in the same scene. This video, however, focuses on current firsthand UFO accounts which contain overtly religious elements. The fact is, there are several recent cases on record in which people have reported seeing Jesus or other religious figures onboard a UFO! Investigators call these “mixed motif” cases, encounters which contain both extraterrestrial and religious themes. While these cases seem to be very rare, there are enough to raise serious questions about UFO origins and the connections between ETs, angels, demons and humanity itself. Are UFOs angelic in origin? Could they be demonic? Are we dealing with a powerful interdimensional intelligence that shapeshifts and wears different masks? Or can these accounts be explained as extraterrestrials in the classic sense? Whatever the explanation, these mixed motif cases defy the standard model of UFO contact, and may contain important insights into the nature of the phenomenon. For those who would like to explore more about these cases and others, please check out my book, “Not From Here: Volume Three.”

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