Introduction to the Fifth Kind CE5 Part 1 & 2 Kosta and Hollis

Hands Reaching Out
Hands Reaching Out
Awaiting Arrival
Awaiting Arrival




Kosta Makreas is a wonderful man he kindly emails  me answering any questions I might have. Email  from him so you can see how knowledgeable and truthful he really is. I think all of you would enjoy his site, please check it out.

Love and Regards,

Nancy Thames

Hi Nancy!

Thank you for your Friend request.

If you wish let me know more about yourself and your activities. I will look at your Facebook Page, too.

Below you can read the standard intro and invitation I send to all new Facebook Friends like you:

“You probably know that I founded and facilitate and the ETLetsTalk Community as well as “The People’s Disclosure Movement”.

Have you had any UFO/ET encounters? I had an up close and personal encounter in 2006, and it changed my life.

You’re invited to join as a free member at Then I can send you announcements about my monthly ET Contact events, free webinars, ET Contact retreats and more.

Please also join our Good News Every Day group on Facebook and help us flood the internet with only Good News.  In this way we are cleansing the psychic atmosphere of Earth and bringing hope to other people that we can create a positive future.

Good News Every Day:


On you can also learn the CE-5 ET Contact Protocol to make your own contact!  My ET Contact teams have been making hundreds of successful ET Contacts since 2010. has 25,000 members in 100+ countries.  We comprise “The People’s Disclosure Movement”.  We no longer rely on “authorities” to tell us the UFO Truth.  By making our own ET contact we take back our power from the authorities and do the Disclosure ourselves.

We become Knowers not just Believers. So I invite you to join us.”

Be well!

Kosta Makres


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