Introducing the Erowei & Hollowei ET’s


I first saw their ships in the sky about two years ago ago, when I was living in Taiwan.

Cloaked Erowei craft appearing as simple triangle geomtery. (photo taken 2019)

Lately they’ve been showing up more frequently apparently around the world – such as those videos observed by Gina Hill.

Complex Erowei cloaked craft (capture taken 2021)
Courtesy Gina Hill

More recently I’ve seen their craft showing up in the sky near my home in America:

Cloaked Erowei craft in Arizona

Because they’ve been showing up so much recently, I decided to ask them for a chat telepathically, and they agreed to show. Here is our conversation:

  • John = John Helios, Star Nations News℠ Chief Editor
  • Erowei = Erowei ET folks


John: Thanks for showing up to talk.

Erowei: We are here. Thank you.

John: Did I get your name right?

Erowei: Yes. There are other people who communicate with us who like to spell our name as “Arroway”, but we prefer “Erowei” as it more closely matches the name of our relatives, the “Hollowei” people that you mentioned on your website.

(Editor note: See the brief mention of the Hollowei in the article Welcome the Andulurian & Hydromedan ETs – Update June 18, 2020

The Hollowei ETs & Multiple Timelines

John: Yes, so how are you related to the Hollowei ET folks?

Erowei: As you mentioned in your previous report, the Hollowei specialize in timeline solidification. We have to provide more background info before we answer your question directly.

The Earth is currently undergoing solidification to work under as few timelines as possible, with ideally just one timeline.

Under the old regime controlled mostly by the Draco-Reptilian people, there were many (upwards of at least 40 major) timelines running concurrently. Because the Earth collective made frequent jumps from one timeline to another, this led to loads of confusion as to what was real, or what could conceivably be relied upon as a dependable temporal platform for the collective Earth reality (actually a hologram) to be grounded in.

But with frequent jumps between timelines, the Dracos and their helpers caused people to have a lot of confusion as to what happened in past/present/future on Earth. From the human perspective, this timeline jumping added to the general skepticism people had about any discussion on the finer points of what was real or unreal. Most people would scoff at any discussion of timeline distortions, such as those exemplified by the “Mandela Effect”.

With this timeline information as a backdrop, we can go back to discussing the Hollowei.

The Hollowei specialize in solidifying timelines, their specialty is in getting the multiple timelines that were running separately, and binding them together into a single useful timeline.

John: But what right do they have to decide which timelines get bound together, and which ones are “useful”.

Decisions Made by The Collectives

Erowei: You are assuming something wrong. These decisions are not made by the Hollowei.

The important decisions of which timelines to keep and which to dispose, and all other important decisions, are made by the collective of humans on Earth. The results of these decisions and how to make them manifest is up to the collective efforts of the Earth human collective and the ET collective that have come here to help Earth and her people evolve.

John: But why would ETs even have to be involved at all?

Erowei: The answer to this is twofold.

Firstly, as your Earth emissary Dolores Cannon and many others have said, you humans asked for help. You put out “the call” that was heard by thousands of other ET nations throughout the universe to come help Earth and her inhabitants evolve out of the mess that the Earth’s captors had built.

Secondly, stop and remember that the souls that have started to inhabit the human bodies within the last one hundred years or so here on Earth – these souls were recently ET souls that never lived here on Earth before.

Yes, as you know, all souls on Earth are originally ET souls, as we all originally came from somewhere else. But there are many people who have already reincarnated here on Earth many times. Thus they are “more human” than others, as they have lived in human bodies more times than the ET souls who have recently arrived. Anyway, these new ET arrivals are here as their response to “answering the call”. And thus they came to inhabit human bodies and help Earth and her inhabitants evolve.

John: But why are you telling me all these details about outside ETs arriving here, people who have been here a long time… When all I asked you was about your relationship to the Hollowei?

The Earth Split

Erowei: Because both we and you are scientists. Scientists like us deal in details, okay? Because all of these details, you now see the backdrop for what has been – and will be happening to Earth and her peoples.

What’s happening now on Earth has to do with the solidification of the timelines, and timelines have everything to do with our relatives the Hollowei and us, the Erowei.

As some of your connected people have been reporting in recent years that the Earth will “split in two”.

John: But how is this possible? There is no evidence of it splitting in half?

Erowei: No, what you mention is a rudimentary outlook that’s not very sophisticated, not very evolved. Humans are now being challenged to expand their consciousness in a more refined and evolved way that allows you to see the “split” as something that’s both seemingly physical and a more abstract manifestation – and yet neither physical nor abstract.

John: You’re really confusing me now. This talk of things being both physical and abstract, yet neither.

Erowei: Yes, this is to be expected because your mind has been conditioned to think within the limitations of a purely 3D reality.

As your thinking evolves from 3D and goes higher, you will begin to see that the limitations of 3D are valid only from a 3D perspective. But the perspectives seen from higher dimension understanding not only allow and respect lower dimension perception, they also provide a greater understanding of the apparent contradiction in your frustrated statement:

This talk of things being both physical and abstract, yet neither.”

From a higher D perspective, you’ll find exactly what you just described as being possible. All perspectives are true, and see truly – but they must be understood for what they are: mere perspectives.

But, what’s cool about higher D understanding is that it doesn’t really need to be bound by the limitations of a single perspective.

John: Now you’re really confusing my mind.

Erowei: Exactly! It’s your mind that’s confused.

As you remember from your experience as a Toltec warrior, coming from the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and his mentor Don Juan Matus: “the mind is a foreign installation!”

Now is your chance to break free from the limitations of this foreign installation, and see things from higher D.

John: Okay, give me an example.

The New Quantum Nature of Things

Erowei: No problem. Let’s go Quantum!

Remember when you were in college, you went on a road trip from Arizona to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, with a bunch of your buddies?

John: Yes.

Erowei: On that trip, you sat in the bed of your friend’s truck in the midday summer sun, feeling hot, getting a little dehydrated. Of course you loved it, for the Arizona desert heat was your personal soul furnace.

As you sat there feeling hot, with the wind blowing through your hair, and your body was relaxed by the drone of the truck’s engine. In this relaxed state you surrendered, as the truck drove past the area where the Kitt Peak Observatory resided south of the highway to Mexico.

And then you had a vision.

John: Yes, the vision was of a German shepherd dog sitting calmly on the desert floor near the base of the mountain that led upward to the observatory.

I was so puzzled by that vision. It was beautiful, but I didn’t understand what it meant. So I just filed it away in my memory.

Erowei: And now these three decades later you recently found out what vision meant?

John: Yes, it was a bit of “quantum information”.

Erowei: Exactly! Quantum.

John: It wasn’t until just a few months ago actually – that I deciphered this vision with the help of some friends with powerful spiritual attributes.

The scene with the German shepherd was of one of the many “hell hounds” that the dark factions controlling the Earth had installed in many crucial places on the Earth. It wasn’t until these many years later that my friends and I (with whom I was doing spiritual work) ascertained that this particular hell hound was assigned to guard an energy or perception portal near the observatory mountain. The hound allowed no-one to have access to this portal, for whatever reason.

Quantum Information is Non-Linear

Erowei: Yes, and as we know that when we receive Quantum information such as this, we discover that such info is not bound by time. This kind of information comes in bits and pieces, and many times out of linear sequence.

This timelessness is the nature of Quantum info.

While going non-linear like this is maddening to the 3D mind, it makes sense to the soul that is not bound by time.

So, you received the vision about the dog as a young man, and this made absolutely no sense to you then. But then years later you were able to understand it.

Welcome to an example of receiving non-linear information from the Quantum Realm! A realm outside of the limited linear-time 3D world you were raised in.

So, going back to the Earth splitting: You’ll see that two people can amazingly live side-by-side with each other on the same Earth, but somehow live in two entirely separate realities. At first this is possible whilst the Earth goes through the painful process of the split. But the split later becomes much more clear, so clear that eventually people residing in either of those two worlds will effectively have no overlap any more, and “opposing” people will live in entirely separate realities.

And this brings us back to the Hollowei and the Erowei.

John: Yes, let’s get back to the original question.

Erowei: Yes, but first you may be wondering why we had all this discussion before we answer your question about the Hollowei and the Erowei.

John: Yes, I was wondering why all this discussion.

Erowei: The reason for all this discussion is to provide a context for one of the next topics of our conversation: Relative Values. (see bottom of this article for more information)

But before we discuss relative values, we’ll answer the question about the Hollowei and the Erowei.

We Hollowei and Erowei are, just like you, scientists. We specialize in timeline work. So, the Hollowei work on timeline solidification. They throw away the crappy timelines, keep the good ones, and unify the many different good timelines into preferably one timeline – or maybe just a few timelines – to make things like reality more easy to work with.

John: Yes, having just one reality to deal with on a more immediate realm will provide a lot of relief for many people here on Earth.

Cloaked (flat) Hollowei craft seen in Taiwan (photo taken 2019)

The Hollowei & Erowei Missions

Erowei: Yes, and that’s why we came here to help provide such relief.

So, the Hollowei solidify the timelines into one (or just a few) timelines. And then they pass this work on to us Erowei. We specialize in “cementing” the newly solidified timelines into place. We cement the more solid details of the new timeline into place.

So, this is why you saw our ships showing up first a few years ago as basic triangles. Simple geometry ships that matched the simple geometry being put into place on the world just then.

And make note: You didn’t understand why we showed up when you first saw us. But now you know why we’re here! Yet another example of Quantum information on a non-linear and interrupted timeline!

The original triangle ships, as basic geometric designs, are programmed at that point in time to establish the attributes of the basic sacred geometry that holds the New Earth to its New Earth timeline. The New Earth timeline’s “glue” – so to speak. That was geometry appropriate for back then. But now…

As you see in our sister Gina’s picture (at top of article), our ships are much larger and more complex in detail. In this capture, the ship is still linear, but still bears loads of detail comprised of basic geometric shapes arranged in patterns.

The patterns provide the details, and as the old adage says, “The beauty is in the details.”

And when you think about it, the details are what comprises the fabric of denser realities such as 3D, 4D, and to some extent 5D.

So, as the requirements of creation change, so do the design of our ships. Right now we are actively engaged in helping create the base fabric of the new higher D realities according to your collective instructions and those of the ETs and angels humanity is working with. Thus our ships now are larger and bear loads of detail, according to what’s needed now on Earth.

By the way, this detailed geometry basis is working in conjunction with the detailed “templates” you mentioned in Intergalactic News: Congratulations Sent To Earth from Other Star Nations & Other News.

ET Involvement with Human Affairs

John: Okay. But again… Why do ETs need to be involved?

Erowei: We started to answer that question earlier. But first, more surrounding info.

Humans on Earth are made up of two populations: One population made up of “old” humans (who have been here many lifetimes), and the new human population recently arriving from distant external civilizations as an answer to “the call”.

It is the sum of both the old and new human-soul populations that help decide everything (we mean EVERYTHING) that happens here on Earth.

The “Old” & “New” Human Souls on Earth

John: What is the respective importance of both the old and the new humans?

Erowei: What the old human-soul population has to offer is their wisdom and knowledge of having been here on Earth so many times. These old ones know what it’s like to be human for such a long time. All that “purely human” experience. They also provide the important tie to the ancestors of Earth’s past – who by the way were ancient ETs who came to settle on Earth long ago. (For example, listen to the story in the Legend of Star Crash.) All of this old human-soul experience, the wisdom and the longevity of ancient human history.

What the new human population has to offer is the wisdom of having had their previous lifetimes spent on other worlds away from Earth. The wisdom and value these new ones offer is in sharing the future possibilities for earth, based on the many wonderful things they saw in these other worlds they grew up in. This population also provides a strong tie to the new population of ETs that have arrived here on and around Earth to help with the evolution. As you’ve mentioned before, there are thousands of ships in Earth’s energy field. Soon there will be even more ET ship sightings than ever before.

On the negative side: while the old ones offer the depth of experience of being human for a long time over many lifetimes, these same old ones were raised in a world of limitations arising from the dark team’s control system that has been in place on Earth for eons. Thus the old ones are disposed to think about how to proceed into New Earth in limited terms, or at least with severe constraints.

As a positive counterpoint, the new ones will help the New Earth establish her foundation based on possibilities seen elsewhere. They will help push the old ones that remain on Earth (there will be plenty), push them to their limits so they can enjoy what their past souls craved and had never seen before.

Together, both populations will teach and learn from each other. They will create the balance.

ET Involvement

Erowei: So, further for ET involvement: Two ways to look at this…

First Perspective:

For far too long the Earth has been isolated from the universe by its captors, who kept her locked away like a coveted treasure, just for the captors’ use only.

This is where the ETs come in. They are the external force that will come in and help shake Earth loose from her bonds. But this cannot be done without the consent of Earth’s people, and the Earth herself, as she is also a living being.

Together, The Earth, Earth’s people, and the ETs have made an agreement to move forward in this historic evolutionary process.

So, this explains why the ETs are here.

From this perspective, the ETs are an external force.


Second Perspective:

Remember, we life forms originally came to this Earth from elsewhere. So, from this perspective, the old human population was originally derived from ancient ET lineages.

The new human population also came from newly arrived ETs.

So, from this point of view, we (both old and new) have always been ETs.

This perspective also explains why the ETs are involved.

What’s even more wonderful about both perspectives:

As ETs at heart we are bound together already. But as fellow humans we are bound together in this great and unique experience of being human on a singular planet called Earth, where things are happening that have never happened before!


John: Wow!

Well, originally I just wanted to ask those narrow questions, like what do you do as Erowei, and how you’re elated to the Hollowei.

I guess these were questions from the “small picture” perspective.

Now, you answered these questions (thanks!), but you also gave the eagle’s eye perspective that provided the “big picture” answers.

Your answers were specific to my questions, but you painted the entire picture that surrounded those answers.

Erowei: Yes, all of that extra information that paints a broad backdrop to our answers to your specific and narrow questions – all this extra info is related to a kind of quantum science that we can talk about later: the quantum science concept of “relative values”. But we’ll talk later about that.

John: Thank you for your time. Talk later. Good bye…

Erowei: Good bye…

The Quantum Concept of “Relative Values”

PS: For those of you who want to know about the quantum science notion of “relevant values” that the Erowei mentioned, you can see the science of “quantum values” is briefly mentioned in the article The Law of Attraction is Quantum in Nature, where Kryon (Lee Carrol) states that:

in Quantum Science there is the concept of “relevant values”. Where for example the number 4 is identified not by the quantity it represents, but by its relation to other numbers adjacent to it – “4” being greater than “3”, and less than “5”, etc.”.

The way that the Erowei tied “relevant values” into the conversation was to imply that all the surrounding details they provided as “the big picture” answer to my questions – these details were the quantum-based “relevant values” that pointed to the specific answers to my questions. Their specific answers can be likened to the “4” mentioned above, while the big picture the Erowei also gave can be likened to the surrounding details like “3” and “5”.

Enough for now.


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