Alurean & Serpoian (Gray) ET’s Showing Themselves Again

Jan 29, 2017

Well, here’s the Alurean and a few Serpoian with them, showing themselves off again.
They brought a large ship to the U.S. / Mexican border, hid themselves in a cloud they made, and started indescritely showing themselves.
Why the U.S. / Mexican border? Traffic is less than slow and people would be watching them, especially the officials there.
Then there’s the Alurean Sphere Probe flying around in front of a Brazilian media news team, right above a highway street sign.

Feel free to interpret this as you may in your own free will.  This report apprises the reader of an ET race that exists in energetic form, and what they’re doing here on Mother Earth / Gaia.

Busy night of dreaming the other night. Stuff going on in Alaska. When I awoke, I heard the phrase “The Alorians” spoken to me. While I see here that one reference to the Alorians seems to be an earth-based ethnicity of antiquity, I knew that the folks mentioned to me were not these peoples, but most likely ETs.

After later asking some aware colleagues about them, some of them say, yes, they’ve have already had contact with them.  The following is a compilation of information gathered from my colleagues, as well as some information that was downloaded directly.

About The Alorians

Like many of the ET folks they apparently are seen as energetic form. But if seen in a semi-physical form, the Alorians are short in stature. They’ve been around for a long time, but usually only appear during the “heightened” times of humanity. Heightened in the sense of elevated consciousness, as seen during the high times of the Lemurian and Atlantean empires.

From different sources, the information I got about them for now was that the Alorians endeavor in at least two projects:

Bridging the DNA Assimilation

One of the activities the Alorians are involved with in Gaia’s and humanity’s ascension is assisting in the DNA part of the human reconnection.

The so-called “inactive” or “junk DNA” (look up this term if you don’t know what this means)  that scientists have spoken of in recent years is now being unscrambled and reactivated. But it’s not as simple as that. If we were to merely unscramble the DNA to its former configuration, it would be in a form of DNA appropriate for the very time and place in our evolution at the time in which it was scrambled.  This represents a state of being that’s far in the past.  So if we were to unscramble a DNA to its former past state and attempt to live within that state, this would cause a serious misalignment with the state of affairs in the world and humanity’s progress as it exists now.

So, rather than unravel humanity into an immediate state of chaos, the Alorians have devised an “unfolding process” that ensures any DNA reactivation arrives in-step with the current state of humanity’s development.

The process is quite simple in concept, but does involve some complexity in the execution.

  1. The first step is the initiation of the unraveling of existing dormant (“junk”) DNA coding.
  2. The second step exposes the newly opened DNA to ambient energy as it exists in the world today. After the unraveling, the DNA code is naturally disposed to accept changes to its configuration. For a human being partaking in the human experience, such acceptance can be likened to a person with an open mind who embraces life with open arms, thus allowing her/himself to be transformed by life events as they arrive. In this step of the process, keep in mind that the ambient energies to which the DNA is exposed are not determined by the Alorians themselves. Rather, this energy comes to the DNA from Source itself, transmitted to us via the “intergalactic slingshot” series of ships as described here. This preclusion of any programming conducted in this manner ensures that the Alorians or any of its members are not able to tamper with the programming according to any “agenda” they might have.  This “non-tamper mechanism” can be likened to a reaction between two chemicals that cannot take place without the presence of a catalyst. While at the end of the chemical reaction, the two chemicals are transformed and thus have achieved their purpose. But the catalyst departs the reaction unchanged (without any karma load). The catalyst would be the Alorians. And the two reacting chemicals would be the beautiful universe (Source) and the humans as individuals and as collective.
  3. After having modified this DNA code in template form, the code is locked and secured and sent out for checking and distribution.  Like everything else in the universe, the distribution process is complex. Rightfully so, as to ensure the protection and integrity of what’s sent out.  Such security is necessary given the previous levels of genetic infiltration the human race has seen in the past (some attempts are still made to this day by the dark folks). So the DNA information is sent out via various channels, with one such channel sent for distribution via the cetaceans (whales) in the area of Alaska, where the Alorians have set up one of their bases of operations on Gaia. (Editor’s note: I’ll have you note that in the news we see that the cabal has intentionally set up the oceans near Alaska for rigorous testing of explosives and other weapons.  Can you guess why?)
  4. As the code is sent out, it is checked by other benevolent beings who specialize in quality control, and ensure that there is no “malware” or other such defect in the coding.  Eventually this code gets sent to human inhabitants of Gaia.  Note that as a “final check” before being beamed to humans, the Source Energy coming directly from Source is blended with the DNA transmission, again ensuring no DNA code tampering takes place.
  5. You might say, as a final step, the recipient human has the last say on whether they wish to receive all this.If the answer is yes, then so be it. People change and life goes on.  Please also note the “ambient energy” mentioned above in step 1 includes input from many places, and includes valuable feedback from the earth-humans as a collective – thus the many changes and manifestations we see in ourselves every day.  A result of one such feedback item is the ongoing change within humans from a carbon-based to a crystalline-based life-form.If the answer is no to receiving the DNA changes, then there may be several options.  Among these are: sit and wait (maybe accept it later); outright no (usually followed by exiting via a different timeline, reality, and/or death, etc.).

This entire process is done in a remarkably complex yet seamless concert-like river flow of energy. Doesn’t all of the above sound like what’s been going on “in nature” anyway, but explained in more detailed terms? Many people perceive the world changes without knowing about all these details.

Other Details

Upon asking the question whether Steps 1 and 2 above take place on living DNA in a living person: The answer is no, this is neither necessary nor ethical as such experimentation on live subjects is tantamount to the abduction and cruel experimentation projects formerly carried out in the past by beings who have no compassion. Part of the ascension process is to get away from such heavy-handed treatment.  The Alorian-conducted DNA changes are made on a non-living DNA template (basically like a computer simulation code) that is an exact copy of the “generic” human DNA template as it exists on Gaia currently.

However, such a system must necessarily be derived somehow in some form of interaction with the “live” target human population. So, the “ethical” method is thus…

The template is continuously updated as human inhabitants evolve.  In this fashion, the DNA template is part of a closed-loop and continuous bio-feedback system that interacts dynamically with human inhabitants of Gaia, as well as Gaia herself (yes, she has a large say on how we evolve).

The template is also “generic” in the sense in that it recognizes that not one-size-fits-all.  The DNA transmissions go out, are received by the human recipients, and any necessary tweaking takes place at the personal level intuitively and with the assistance of the individual’s galactic team, guides, angels, etc. This way, the individual is able to assimilate all changes in good order — more or less.

Another Alorian Project: Positive History as a Bias Re-Balancing

Another project that I have received less information on is that the Alorians endeavor in recording things as a kind of “journalism” of historical events – but not exactly journalism as we know it in recent human times.

The Alorians are not from this part of the near-cosmos, so their exploration of this area and galaxy is no doubt a kind of adventure for them.  While they have interacted with humans for a long time, their interaction is somewhat selective in its timing. They’ve been around for a long time, but usually only appear during the “heightened” times of humanity. Heightened in the sense of elevated consciousness, as seen during the high times of the Lemurian and Atlantean empires. So, in their visit here, they like to take notes of their adventure.  Kind of like journalists.

As an offshoot aspect of this “journalism” function is in rewriting the “bias” in human history.

Whereas the bias in human history (including as written in both human DNA and the akashic records) is heavily marked by strife, war, pain and suffering, the Alorians highlight aspects of human attributes that focus on joy, happiness, fulfillment and love — the positive stuff.  This “new” focus is actually not entirely new — in the sense that these positive things have always been within us humans.

But for so long the negative part has had a severe sway in the writing of human history, and greatly impacts the collective human ability to cultivate more positive things when facing the future. This history of negativity, in simple words, constitutes a heavy imbalance in the human psyche. So, as a counterbalance the Alorians provide a form of “journalistic” feedback to our DNA (not in the form of false memories, as this would constitute a violation of free will and the right to know the truth) to promote a balanced disposition towards more positive things and events.

Afterwards, as free and sovereign beings, it up to humans as individuals and as a collective to create the new more positive future that awaits!

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