In 1930 Extraterrestrials Abducted 2,000 Eskimos

Aliens kidnapped 2 000 Eskimos in 1930

January 14, 2021


(ORDO NEWS) — In 1930, a hunter named Arnaud Laurent and his son were traveling near Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada when they saw a “cylindrical or bullet-shaped” UFO crossing the northern sky.

Shortly thereafter, another hunter, Joe Labelle, went snowshoeing to the Eskimo fishing village of Anjikuni, home to 2,000 Eskimos. The village was unnaturally quiet. Looking into every hut, Labelle found blackened cauldrons in which the inhabitants were stewing meat. It was evident that people were doing their usual business, preparing food, but in the village he did not find a single person.

Labelle went to the telegraph office to report the incident to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Police and government officials who arrived were taken aback by the massive disappearance of the villagers.

The search team found untouched provisions and already prepared food in the huts, but did not find the villagers.

Sled dogs belonging to the Eskimos were found dead – buried under a 12-meter snowdrift around the perimeter of the camp.

Later that night, everyone there looked in amazement at the strange blue pulsing light, completely unlike the northern lights common in this part of Canada.

Aliens kidnapped 2 000 Eskimos in 1930 2

Newspapers around the world reported the disappearance of 2,000 Eskimos in 1930. The disappearance of the Eskimo inhabitants of the village of Anjikuni still remains unsolved. In Eskimo communities, stories are still being told of UFOs that kidnapped an entire village.

In addition to the disappearance of the entire village of Anjikuni, the indigenous Eskimos also tell stories about the appearance of a mysterious ship in the sky, after which entire families of Eskimos disappeared – without a trace.

One day, a family of fourteen disappeared, leaving full plates of dinner on the table, the TV on in the bedroom and the oven unplugged. Despite years of searching, not a single family member was found. But their relatives saw a burned-out circle on the ground where, in their opinion, a spacecraft landed and carried them away.

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