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It is the most difficult thing you will ever have to do, and it will also be the most important: stop giving your love to those who are not ready to love you.

Stop having difficult conversations with people who don’t want to change.

Stop showing up to people who are indifferent to your presence.

Stop loving people who are not ready to love you …

I know your instinct is to do whatever you can to earn the good graces of everyone you can, but it’s also the urge that will rob you of your time, your energy, and your sanity.

When you start showing up in your life completely and completely, with joy, interest, and commitment, not everyone is going to be ready to find you there.

That doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. It means that you have to stop loving people who are not ready to love you.

If you are left out, subtly insulted, forgotten, or easily ignored by the people you spend most of your time with, you are not doing yourself a favor by continuing to offer them your energy and your life …

The truth is that you are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you.

That is what makes it so special when you meet the few people with whom you have a genuine friendship, love, or relationship – you will know how precious it is because you have experienced what it is not.

But the more time you spend trying to force someone to love you when they can’t, the more time you will be depriving yourself of that very connection.

Love Is waiting for you. There are billions of people on this planet, and many of them are going to meet you at their level, with the vibration of where they are, connect with where they are going.

But the longer you stay small, tucked into the familiarity of the people who use you as a cushion, a backup option, a therapist, and a strategist for their emotional work, the longer you stay out of the community you long for.

Maybe if you stop showing up, you will be less loved …

Maybe they’ll forget you completely …

Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship will cease …

Maybe if you stop texting, your phone will stay dark for days and weeks …

Maybe if you stop loving someone, the love between you will dissolve …

That doesn’t mean you’ve ruined a relationship. It means that the only thing that sustained a relationship was the energy that you and only you put into it. That’s not love…

“That is attachment”

The most precious and important thing you have in your life is your energy.

It is not your time that is limited, it is your energy. What you give each day is what will create more and more in your life.

What you give your time to is what will define your existence.

When you realize this, you will begin to understand why you are so anxious when you spend your time with people who do not suit you, and in jobs or places or cities that do not suit you.

You will begin to realize that the most important thing you can do for your life, for yourself, and for everyone you meet is to protect your energy more fiercely than anything else. Make your life a safe haven where only people who can care, listen and connect are allowed.

You are not responsible for saving people …

You are not responsible for convincing them that they want to be saved …

It is not your job to appear for people and give your life to them, little by little, moment by moment, because you feel sorry for them, because you feel bad, because “you should”, because you are obliged, because, at the root of all this, you’re afraid they won’t return the favor.

It is your job to realize that you are the mistress of your destiny and that you are accepting the love you think you deserve.

Decide that you deserve real friendship, true commitment, and complete love for people who are healthy and prosperous.

Then wait in the dark, just for a moment….

And look how quickly everything starts to change.

By GhenLyn

Artist Unknown



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