How To Live Well And Thrive During These Times Of Transformational Change


Genuine feelings of love and appreciation for your body convey a positive message containing essential life-sustaining signals that result in excellent health. In contrast, engaging in feelings of doom and despair, loneliness, helplessness, denial, anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, and fear conveys a negative message that promotes discord within the physical functions of the body. Negative attitudes bring about negative effects. Anger and hatred are the most damaging emotions because they close off the flow of life-force energy to the body. The ability to both give and receive love, in all its many shades of splendor, holds the true key to healing because it is the most life sustaining and affirming form of emotional expression.

The decision to accept ultimate responsibility for creating your life experience will empower you toward attaining a state of mental clarity and physical vitality. For a few moments, quiet your mind, and after breathing deeply and rhythmically for a while, consider this important question: Is the world a dangerous, fear-ridden place or is it a great adventure filled with bountiful opportunities to awaken spiritual power and transcend established limitations? Your basic outlook on life is rooted in your foundational beliefs, and these beliefs outline the conditions of your experience by electromagnetically imprinting the field of existence with your expectations. All of your beliefs have a powerful impact on your health, because how you feel about yourself and the world at large directly affects the functions and operating systems of your physical form. Remember, your feelings are always connected to your beliefs—how you feel is a result of what you believe. No matter what you believe, your body will essentially follow your innermost commands— whether you send thought patterns of doom and despair or those that embrace vibrant health. You are in charge of your physical form, and the state of your health is a direct reflection of your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And it is in these arenas of perception that the great spiritual healing will have a profound impact.

It is important to understand where limiting concepts about the nature of the body are sourced. Most ideas are learned at a very young age. In the womb babies are in great psychic rapport with both genetic parents, regardless of the proximity of the father. Untold generations of family behavioral patterns are stored in the blood; the beliefs and attitudes of each parent are well known by the child before birth. Young children develop their minds through testing, modeling, and mimicking the input from their surrounding physical, mental, and spiritual environments. When learned behavior stems from teachings that maintain a sense of helplessness to control your body’s health, these ideas plant early seeds of doom that take root and grow into beliefs of doubt and despair, eventually disconnecting you from your abilities to create vibrant health from within.

The power of suggestion is well understood among the medical sciences, yet its negative applications can be readily seen with the relentless dire warnings about protecting yourself from harmful exposure to the sun and nature, or the need for vaccinations that are actually toxic chemical cocktails. And grave and foreboding announcements always anoint the arrival of the yearly flu season. Illness is now big business. You have to start thinking in terms of not catching everything that is going around, like going against the rules and not lifting your mitt to catch that fly ball. Millions of people frighten themselves into various stages of sickness and death and contribute to the business of fear because they have been taught to deny the connection between the mind and body.

A numbing, unquestioned acceptance of a given medical prognosis can stem from a variety of foundational beliefs; yet it will all boil down to a strong underlying belief in personal powerlessness that can be expressed as follows: “ Who am I to question a medical authority? What do I know? Modern medicine has all the answers. I have to have medical insurance —what if something happens to me? I have no control over my body.” The largely ineffective, costly health-care system is sustained by such beliefs. From a larger perspective, this sense of powerlessness over how to create physical well-being has resulted in poor energy management of physical and mental resources, which has manifested in the current epidemic of serious maladies. Illness is an internal battle, and people get sick in part because they stop their mental and emotional growth, which closes off accessibility to cosmic and spiritual connections and energies. Desiring to have someone else in charge of fixing and taking care of the body has created a cumbersome bureaucracy to deal with cradle-to grave health concerns that are, for the most part, founded on conditioned fears contrived in the mind.

In order to live well and thrive during these times of transformational change, it is to your advantage to embrace a belief in vital health, and to accept responsibility for the ability to create it. As many are discovering, cure is not the overall intent of modern medicine, because treatment— involving the use of expensive poisons and medications—is far more lucrative than discovering the cause and purpose of the physical and/or mental imbalances. This pernicious approach to health only serves to put greater stress on the body. Masking the symptoms of an illness with medications only glosses over the destructive thinking processes and deep inner feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, which are at the root of the problem. Unresolved emotional traumas are the real core issues of disease. Weak thinking and leading a false life weaken the body, and the massive epidemic of serious illness is a direct result of most people over the past century accepting restrictive beliefs about how the body operates. In all fairness to yourself, you must ask: “Who really benefits from managing my self-concepts?”

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