Iino UFO Museum In Japan

The Home of UFOs in Japan


Iino UFO Museum

The Iino UFO Museum is located in Iino in southern Fukushima City. The museum was opened in 1992 and contains a wide range of documents and exhibits relating to UFOs and other mysteries, a 3D virtual theatre, and onsen facilities with a view over the local area.

Next to the museum is Mt. Senganmori, a pyramid-shaped hill with a magnificent view that is known for many UFO sightings, unexplained lights, and mysterious events.

The Panorama Shokudo restaurant and gift shop is located in front of the museum and serves a range of popular ramen, soba, curry and rice, and deep-fried meatballs.

Iino is known as ‘The Home of UFOs’ (UFO no Sato) and there are a range of extraterrestrial sculptures and carvings located around the town. We recommend visiting in early February to also see the Iino Tsurushibina Festival.

Opening Hours

Open 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM
Closed Mondays, New Year Holidays


Adult (15+) 400 yen
Child (6~14) 200 yen

Access from Fukushima Station

Note: Bus times, routes, and bus stop locations are available on Google Maps.


Route Kawamata Koko-mae 川俣高校前行
From East Exit Bus Stop No. 2
To UFO no Sato (UFOの里)
Fare 700 yen
Time 25 min (+10 min walk)

Nearby Attractions

・Iino Community Center (MAP) (5.2 km)
Daizoji Temple (9.1 km)
Hanamiyama (11.3 km)


Iino UFO Museum (Official Japanese)
More about UFOs in Japan (nippon.com)





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