If true, this odd photograph says it all: Which Extraterrestrial Races are hiding among us?

From the Disclose.TV conspiratorial website, we can read the following incredibly odd story: “I was in Peru with my daughter in 2015. I stayed in a tiny hotel when I was in Cusco. At around six o’clock in the morning, music could be heard from the driveway. My daughter picked up the phone and went to listen to me. Around six months later, I looked on the phone and saw this photo. The shot was taken from the reception, and my daughter went out with her phone that morning. I didn’t use my phone to take some images because I had a Canon camera and a GoPro camera. This picture encourages me to “normalize” all the insane stuff in our planet, because it shows me how large and vast this Universe is! ” And this is the strange picture:
It’s going, which indicates it was made for a longer exposure period, but the strangest part is the presence of the man at the reception, what seems to be a reptile alien who has exposed his true existence for a second! If the person who said the entire bizarre tale didn’t fib or concoct it all, that suggests we’re dealing with an incredibly tangled paranormal case!

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December 31, 2020 Articles

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