I Fell In Love With A Alien

This is the hardest thing I have ever Done
This is the hardest thing I have ever Done by Nancy Thames

Beautiful song that Resonates with me totally, hard to explain but I hope you enjoy and some of you will understand, others think what you like . To each their own thinking but it’s out here for you to decide and form your own opinions.

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Thank You,

Nancy Thames

I fell in love with a Alien
I fell in love with a Alien

1 thought on “I Fell In Love With A Alien”

  1. Hello! I’am inspired to commit my words to the comments section in regards to the title of this article.Let me proclaim here for the record.I don’t just love an alien but rather are ET creators the Elohim as creator beings in their own right a real life monolith of a higher intelligence made famous from the 2001 movie.My love is unconditional for them it doesn’t make me a pervert or a sex addict and in the name of the Elohim I proclaim that I’am a sexual being! I’am not going to run away from it and I believe the Elohim hope that we all enjoy reproducing or just having sex for the fun of it thanks to the use of condoms.I’am still working on my sensual meditation thing and there is no hurry for me to perfect it.Just for the record when I spoke of the 2001 movie I was in no way endorsing the idea that we evolve from apes but I do endorse roaming through the universe creating life and protecting that life as it evolves.Having sex with aliens will no doubt become commonplace and after a while not that big a deal as it is made out to be now.That goes for sex with robots to and may we never lose sight of being beings of pleasure or sexual beings in are own right.


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