The most powerful statement you can make are the words I am. These simple words, spoken consciously, activate a truth. These words make a statement to the Universe of you owning your unique divine place within the oneness, and consciously claiming your place. This is tremendously powerful. It starts a wave of reaction throughout the Universe, activating your energetic signature wave outward. You begin to be aligned within the Universe through your cells with this energetic light wave as it creates an energetic opening. Each one of us has a unique place on the Universal grid within the Universal Consciousness.

I liken it to a jigsaw puzzle. Your unique piece can only fit within this place. So as you claim your place with the words I am, you activate your energy within your place on the Universal grid. It vibrates and expands in light each time you acknowledge it, using the words I am. It goes out into the Universe, and your unique signature of light radiates out, creating a brilliant wave of your light across the Universe, anchoring on this earth plane within your life. This activation of your alignment also creates an awakening in your cells, so that each cell begins to align with your place on the Universal grid. As you speak the words i am you are increasingly anchoring your place into the Universal Consciousness within your place on the grid. Every cell vibrates with this activated divine essence, which creates a new level of quickening within the cell. This quickening is a new life force energy that comes from the activation of your place within the Universal grid. With this alignment, healing begins to take place within your physical body.

This Self-Realization process is you beginning to align with your energetic blueprint for this lifetime-the blueprint you chose for yourself. It’s what you decided to achieve here: your mission and your lessons. So the awakening to your blueprint is you consciously aligning to the energy of your blueprint, and then beginning to consciously and actively live it in your life. Each time you use the words I am, it aligns you into another level of this blueprint. It activates another level of the divine aspect of you, bringing this essence of Self into your life in a powerful way. It is you birthing you with the words I am.

You are being called now to begin this powerful activation within yourself. It is the time for you to take your place within the whole. You are needed now. You are being called to step forward, consciously, and take your place within the Universe, using the words I am. There is a huge difference when you take a conscious step forward-the moment you take your power back and say, “Yes, I am here! I claim my place; I have a place. I am!”

Every cell in your body begins to respond-to quicken and align to your energetic flow of your place within the Universe. You experience your place opening up on this earth plane, and you move into a new sense of flow within your life. Your cells begin to vibrate in a new way because they become more alive as they align with this energy of your Self and create a new alignment to all life forms throughout the entire universe. It opens you up the direct experience of a union to all things; you begin to experience a new sense of oneness, and an incredible love that actually begins birthing through your cells. You begin to vibrate love!

As you begin to open to that vibration of love, you recognize and remember that this love exists in everything, in every moment. The truth is that you are love. We are asking you to open up to the miracle of yourself, and embrace you.

As you say the words I am, feel the power within you; feel how the cells begin to vibrate and align. Use your breath as you speak the words; the breath assists in this alignment. Be aware of your heart, placing your hand on your heart and bringing your consciousness to it. The love is activated through the cells of your heart. A heart awakening takes place. It can be an emotional moment as joy begins to transform the heart.

What a challenge to live consciously and be a catalyst for the world! Each time we meet a part of ourselves and unfold into that part of us, we break through for others to also heal, transform, and to begin to connect, so that they can take their place within the universal whole. Be aware that this is a remembrance process. You are waking up and taking your power back, re-aligning yourself, and re-aligning the cells so you begin to vibrate with the fourth/fifth/sixth-dimensional energies.

Now that you are beginning to live in alignment to your heart, with the new vibration of love (I am), it is time to open up to a new way of being and living in the world. When you are living in a conscious state, open to what is around you, you begin to take responsibility for what is happening in your world. This makes it possible to then open up to the messages and gifts that are present for you, and be able to utilize these gifts. Actually you become the gift for the world, being all that you can be in each moment. As you activate your unique energetic signature of you on the Universal grid, it is truly the beginning of your self-realization process.

How we choose to live, the discipline that we have, and the devotion we have to ourselves, dictate what our experiences are going to be. Self-devotion is a key component to your continual unfolding of Self, and part of that devotion is to set a discipline within yourself. This creates a self-loving action that opens our hearts to joy. So what we do and how we do things in our world have a direct result on the experiences we create for ourselves. How we meet or greet those experiences or challenges in each moment, and the actions we take, are what create our world. We live the result of our actions. It’s like planting seeds in a garden; we reap what we sow.

There is no separation in this universe: As you give to yourself, others automatically receive. We are not separate from anything; there is only oneness. This is a Truth. As you meet the I am energy in your world, there will an expansion of yourself that takes place, and in that expansion you will feel a greater awareness of this light aspect of you. It will feel as though you have somehow become more defined to yourself. There will be a deeper sense of belonging, because of the unity aspect of the I am energy. You will automatically be more focused on yourself in each moment, which will allow you to automatically be present for everyone else. You will become a natural healing force in this universe because you are connected into the oneness. When we live in that place we are automatically aligned with others. It is part of the divine economy of life; we connect to the God essence of others as part of the universal whole, and that allows us to naturally hold a space for each person to birth him/herself into their light, and to claim his or her birthright, when he or she is ready.

Each person chooses his or her moment to align with the Self; it is not our responsibility when he or she chooses to do so. It’s important to honor each person’s individual process, and the way he or she chooses to live in each moment. But it is amazing how powerful it can be for others to witness your unfolding. It is through your living example that others can become inspired to take their steps. The energy you carry as you move through the world impacts all who come in contact with you. When we put our attention on someone else, we leave ourselves and we leave the moment, and when you leave the moment you go into separation. We tend to put our attention on someone else when we don’t want to feel what is going on inside ourselves.

Everything that we do creates a reaction in the world: every action and every thought. Thoughts and actions create a wave of energy that I Am goes out into the world, so you can make a difference on this earth plane. We can consciously create each moment when we connect to the I am. Part of the third-dimensional illusion is the feeling that we can’t possibly be that powerful, and that we don’t make a difference in this universe. In actuality we are so powerful with our thoughts that each one of us has an opportunity in each moment to co-create here on the earth plane and within the whole universe!

We can walk gently on this earth plane, gently but powerfully taking our place and moving with a consciousness, love, and respect for all life, including ourselves!

The Pleiadians through Christine Day

Artist: unknown

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