I Am a Human ET Hybrid – One Woman’s Astonishing Story!


One woman explains how she became part human and part extraterrestrial!

Could it be that some of us living on this planet are not completely human?

Could some people walking the face of this earth  actually be a mix of DNA, part human, and part extraterrestrial?

As difficult as this possibility may be to fathom, there are some who not only feel this to be the case but say they themselves are ET human hybrids.

Jacquelin Smith is one such individual and she was featured in a book CALLED “Meet the Hybrids – The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth.” I spoke with Jacquelin, along with the book’s co-author Barbara Lamb about the reality of the hybridization of humans, the purpose of this program and what these unique individuals have to impart to humanity.

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