Hundreds of thousands of years old artifacts discovered in Indonesia baffled the scientific community

Ancient Artifacts have always been quite a shocker whenever we manage to get our hands on them simply because of the mystery that they bring with them.

Most of these artifacts are hundreds of thousands of years old, some are even estimated to be millions of years old.

(Sandal imprint)

One of the most notable one being a half a billion years old sandal imprint and of course, the hammer in London that is believed to be several million years old at least.

Each and every artifact tells a story, whether we actually discern the story or not is up to us, but even if we can’t find the exact story that goes with each and every one of them it is still incredible to hypothesize about these sorts of things.

In a way, every artifact brings forth a million stories, it instigates the creative mind and it opens up our collective insight into the possibilities that we may or may not have.

In 1992 for example, in one of the caves of Kupang, archeologists found two stones that have commonly been categorized as part of the “out of place artifacts” category.

The reason as to why this is so incredible is the fact that a solar system is engraved on them, but to be more precise, the solar system is an exact replica of the model that was sent by the Soviet Satellite into space a while back.

This is either a huge coincidence, which let’s be honest now, we know better not to believe in, or proof of just how relative time and space really are on the grand scheme of things.


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